Why Osomatsu-san Isn't Worth Watching

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Yeah, I know. I'm a little late commenting on this series. But it's better now or never. I have my hopes up for Osomatsu-san because my Facebook news feed is full of the anime series it parodied.

osomatsu-san anime parody

Being a fan of Gintama, I began to like parody anime series. But Osomatsu-san's first episode didn't made me excited to watch its next episode because of the following reasons:

1. I hate the black and white screen time.

And it almost lasted for about three minutes. Yes, I understand that the original series began during the Showa period and having a black and white screen would be more convincing. But that killed my excitement.

2. It has Nobita's face all over it.

My heart is crushed after seeing six Nobita look-a-likes. No way. Nobita should only appear in Doraemon!

3. The BL scene is not that titillating.

It tainted the sacredness of the BL community. Girls watching are supposed to have romantic chills, but I didn't.

4. It's title should be Choromatsu-san.

Cos Choromatsu-san does the talking more.

So please drop this.

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