When Shingeki no Kyojin's live action movie was played in Philippines' SM cinemas, Pinoy anime fans made a rave about it. Some liked the movie, while some did not.

Though SnK wasn't on par with the Ruruoni Kenshin movie, SnK was the talk of the social media up until now.

Pinoy anime fans just couldn't get enough of SnK; they even discovered the Titans' Pinoy counterparts and these have been circulating all throughout Facebook anime groups.

In case you missed the laughs and fun, here are the Titans' Pinoy doppelgangers:


This fat, creepy Titan has the spitting image of Willie Revillame, a Pinoy host and actor. 

Do you think that the Titan is cold? Bigyan ng jacket!

I wonder how would Willie react to this comparison made by the Filipino netizens... Will he say "Don't do that to me?!"


Do you think they are twins? Well, this funky, emo elderly is none other than Manny Pacquiao's mother. Yes, the People's Champ.

Kamusta naman ang pis ng Titan at ang pis ni Aling Dionisia? 


They are really alike at any angle. Mikey Bustos, the Filipino Canadian singer and comedian, must have been really an extra in the SnK cast.


Look at those eyes and cheeks. Aren't they the same? This man in checkered blue is Dennis Padilla, a Filipino comedian and actor.


This is a Titan cosplay without the need of a costume. 

Only this guy's eyes and front teeth are enough to make him the next Titan sensation.

This guy isn't an actor. He's just a random anime fan who "willingly" parodied this Titan's face and posted it on social media. 

Let's give him a round of applause.

And here is your much awaited bonus!


Remember the mysterious guy Armin bumped into the first scene? He's actually Vice President Jejomar Binay, the most loved politician in the Philippines! Lol.

Have I missed anything? Are the Filipino Titans already complete? Post in the comment box!
Would you have the courage to use your body as a shield from a collapsing building just to save your pet cat?

An old man from India didn't think twice to save his beloved pet from the collapsing apartment building in Thane.

This unfortunate incident claimed the lives of many including that brave old man.

But his heroic deed didn't go in vain as the National Disaster Response Force was able to recover his 2-year-old female pet cat from the debris.


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