Eikyuu Shimei Onegai Shimasu Manga Summary:

From The Paper Dolls Project: Towako and her brother has been living together since their parents passed away. Suddenly, a host of ikemen that are friends of her brother appears and they are all living together! One of them especially, seems to be spending alot of time in the house together with Towako, who's not just a shut in, but a NEET as well. Will Towako be able to escape from the shell that binds her due to past bullying and the trauma of her parents death with the help of this Ikemen?

Eikyuu Shimei Onegai Shimasu
Eikyuu Shimei Onegai Shimasu

Who wouldn't try reading Eikyu Shimei Onegai Shimasu after seeing a manga page like that?

Ugly girl plus beautiful men? That would be an exciting reverse harem story. This gives many hope to several average-looking guys and gals that you can still have a chance to live in paradise.

But meh... 

Goal-setting is okay. But the motivation is unrealistic.

What kind of people would be motivated to help someone else's neet sister to recover from her I-hate-society illness just for her cooking? When in fact, they hardly even know her and her brother. That's just...impractical and self-imposing. Are they some sort of masochists?

Of all people, why him?

And the person who offered help to operation recovery is the person whom you'd least expect it from. Seriously? Him? When I have read this part, I would like to drop reading the manga, but it's not my etiquette not to finish reading a chapter. So I continued.

From unrealistic to hilarious

I didn't expect the hosts' way of making Towako see their good side. The flashy men have dressed up as nerds. And I think they're awfully hilarious. Their character has become a total creepy evolution. But Towako only sees it as a form of teasing. Well, we couldn't help it if she felt that way, so you better read the manga to understand the story.

And then the drama...

I was just in a state of laughter and then the drama hits. From unrealistic to hilarious events, Eikyuu Shimei Onegai Shimasu has transitioned to the god of drama. It almost made me cried. I have became a softy. What a shame.

The verdict

So is this manga worth reading or not? If you love the reverse harem genre and Cinderella-type stories, Eikyu Shimei Onegai Shimasu is for you.

How about me, you ask? Hmm... Honestly, I find this manga good. However, I will not include this in my bookmarks. I guess, I'll watch it if it already has an anime adaptation.
I was just idly browsing the web for funny cat memes. And I happened to see this post about Garfy, the Angry Cat.

Will Garfy also make his way to fame just like Grumpy Cat? If looks could kill, Garfy has the potential. Don't you think?

You're dead meat. **Scary**

But sometimes, Garfy looks awfully sweet. Where did that murderous intent go?

I'm actually a nice cat.

For more pictures of Garfy, visit his Flickr page.
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Would you lie in order to get closer to the one you really love? 

Would you rather choose being Friend A just to be with the one you love? 

Would you rather accept the pain of being just a friend so as not to hurt your other friend?

Indeed, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is such a masterpiece. Sacrifices... Being considerate of each other's feelings... These are what this anime teaches about.

Frankly speaking, I intended to drop the series. 

Its synopsis says that its about music and romance, and the bishie images of the men in La Corda d'Oro came flashing through my mind.

But ugh! When I saw the characters of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, they lack that oozing sexy appeal!

What kind of romance will await those characters that are a bunch of normal-looking children who do not really look like love items?

But I'm glad I didn't drop it. 

Unrequited love... Ah, the feeling of youth. You hold your own feelings yet you can't stop showing it.

But what makes this anime more fantastic is its ending.

Though a tragic one, it gives you a feeling of satisfaction. 

Even if Arima Kousei and Miyazono Kaori were separated because of Kaori's unfortunate death, we're glad to know that the feeling is mutual.

Nevertheless, it's still a sad ending. 

For me, Kaori is the perfect match for Kousei instead of the barbaric and muscle-brained Sawabe Tsubaki.

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