Website List: Pitch, Write and Earn [Part 2]

Instead of writing for free to build your writing portfolio, a better way to do it is to pitch website owners who pay for guest post/article submissions. There are three benefits you could earn from doing this: build your writing portfolio, earn money and increase traffic to your site. Though some of the sites I would present here won't be providing any link to your bio.

Previously, I have written a part 1 of this article. Read through here. Now, I'll be sharing with you another list.

Ministry Today - A website mag about God, church and goodness. Even the best selling author of the Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren is writing here. Payment is negotiable.

College Humor - An entertainment website geared to 18-49 year old audience. Submit anything funny. If the staff accepts it, you'll be rewarded $25 and additional bonuses for high page views.

Viator - A comprehensive resource website for travelers. Pays $40-$45 for short posts, and $100-$150 for standard travel blog posts.

Family Magazines of Michiana - A website that owns several mags mostly about Michiana families. Payment is negotiable.

High Ground News - A weekly digital magazine and website focused on what's next for the city of Memphis. Payment is negotiable.

Greater Good - A website mag about psychology, sociology and neuroscience of well-being. Pays $.25/word for feature articles, $75 for a book review or research briefs, and $350 for interview articles.

Cities Journal - A travel resource guide website. Payment is negotiable.

International Living - A website that brings stories from expats around the world to readers. Pays $75 for postcards you've written.

Secular Pro-Life - Pays $25 for well-written, well-sourced, secular commentaries on pro-life issues.

Plum Deluxe - A website that features ideas for living the good life. Pays $30 per feature.

Happy writing! I'll have another list soon. Yes, there is a part 3!

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  1. Hi, Lem,

    I clicked your navigational menu and wanted to go to the Blogging area, and this triggered an automatic download?!?

    Please let me know where I can connect with you on your most recent site/content.

    Thanks and Have a great weekend.
    Carol Amato

    1. Hi Carol. I'm currently seeking ways on how to monetize a blog aside from Adsense, so I have found Shortest which is similar to AdFly. If you want to read the article, just click the "Skip Ads" button at the top-right of your screen. My blog is on an experimental stage, so I'm trying different ad scripts. For my recent content, you could locate them at the "Recent Posts" tab at the right side...under "Popular Posts." Thanks!


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