The Ending of the Deadman Wonderland Manga

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*Note: The pictures posted on this blog are from a manga scanlation site called Manga Panda. Please support the author of Deadman Wonderland by purchasing original copies of his work. This blog post is only intended for informational purposes.

Ganta and Shiro tried to kill each other. By the way, if you still didn't know, Shiro was the Wretched Egg who killed Ganta's friends.

Ganta had made his resolve to kill Shiro to grant her wish of wanting to die. An explosive attack was launched by Ganta but he changed his aim - purposely missing his target, Shiro. Despite killing his friends, Ganta couldn't afford to end Shiro's life. Ganta knew that dying was not really Shiro's wish.

Shiro then burst into tears, regretting what she had done - killing Ganta's friends and for doing other terrible things. She said that she was envious of Ganta and his friends, being able to do the things they wanted. As for herself, she was kept inside the laboratory and were experimented upon by mad scientists including Ganta's mother. The experimental rat was supposed to be Ganta. 

Ganta's mother only got pregnant so that she could have a human subject. However, when Ganta was born, she had a change of heart. Instead, the scientists looked for another human subject, and that was Shiro.

Growing up full of jealousy, Shiro killed Ganta's friends so that Ganta could share her sorrow. However, Shiro loves Ganta. They were friends when they were little. Ganta grew up in the lab, too, and Shiro was his playmate.

"I don't want to die."

Though Shiro claimed that she wanted to die, her true wish was to live and be happy. Ganta said that he might not be able to forgive Shiro. But Ganta was willing to stay with Shiro since Shiro was his possession. They hugged each other. And then they just exploded.

Shiro and Ganta

Deadman Wonderland closed and was soon forgotten by most people, like nothing happened. Of course, the true darkness of Deadman Wonderland was not revealed. They only made it appear that Deadman Wonderland, the amusement park, could not get on business anymore.

Ganta was free, so as the other Deadmen who lived on with their normal lives without using their power, or Branches of Sin. As for Shiro, she was on a coma. But in the end, she opened her eyes and she saw Ganta by her side. That was the end.

If you haven't read the Deadman Wonderland ending yet, I suggest you read it now.

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