Are you like me who prefers watching the horror genre instead of the romantic ones?

If you want to watch something scary, mysterious and thrilling, here are some of my recommended horror anime:

1. Hellsing

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"Hellsing follows the antiheroic vampire, Alucard, and a police girl-turned-vampire, Seras Victoria, two vampires employed by the vampire-extermination group of England, the Hellsing Organization. Slowly but surely, through their active duty, they find a new breed of vampires beginning to arise."

"The Diclonius, a mutated homo sapien that is said to be selected by God and will eventually become the destruction of mankind, possesses two horns in their heads, and has a "sixth sense" which gives it telekinetic abilities. Due to this dangerous power, they have been captured and isolated in laboratories by the government. Lucy, a young and psychotic Diclonius, manages to break free of her confines and brutally murder most of the guards in the laboratory, only to get shot in the head as she makes her escape. She survives and manages to drift along to a beach, where two teenagers named Kouta and Yuka discovers her. Having lost her memories, she was named after the only thing that she can now say, "Nyuu," and the two allow her to stay at Kouta's home. However, it appears that the evil "Lucy" is not dead just yet..."

3. Shiki

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Synopsis from ANN:

"Sotobamura is a small village with around 1300 residents; so small the village isn't even connected to a single highway. An isolated village in which old customs, such as the burial of the dead, are still practiced. One day, the bodies of three people are found dead. Although Ozaki Toshio, the village's lone doctor, feels uncertain, he treats the deaths as a normal occurrence. However, in the days following, the villagers start to die one after the other."

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"Yukiteru Amano (Yuki) is a loner who never really interact with people and prefers writing a diary on his cellphone with his only companion being an imaginary friend named Deus Ex Machina, the God of Time and Space. However, Yuki soon learns that Deus is not a figment of his imagination but real when Deus makes him a participant in a battle royale with eleven others. Within this "Diary Game," the contestants are given special diaries that can predict the future with each diary having unique features that gives them both advantages and disadvantages."

5. Another

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Synopsis from ANN:

"When Kouichi Sasakibara transfers to his new school, he can sense something frightening in the atmosphere of his new class, a secret none of them will talk about. At the center is the beautiful girl Mei Misaki. Kouichi is immediately drawn to her mysterious aura, but then he begins to realize that no one else in the class is aware of her presence."

6. Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

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Synopsis from ANN:

"One rainy night after a school festival, a group of students from Kisaragi Academy decide to perform the "Sachiko Ever After" charm, which will unite them forever as friends. Once the ritual is done, a sudden earthquake transports them to Heavenly Host, a torn down elementary school. Unbeknownst to Satoshi and his friends, however, is the horrific past behind it which culminated in its demolition. As they look for each other and try to escape from Heavenly Host, they soon find out their lives are at the mercy of those affected by that same bloodied past."

Synopsis from ANN:

"On one hot summer day in 1983, a transfer student named Maebara Keiichi comes to a peaceful rural village in Hinamizawa. There, he befriends his classmates Rena, Mion, Rika, and Satoko. Accepted as a full-fledged member of the "club," Keiichi and the gang plays all sorts of activities ranging from card and board games to hide-and-seek. But just as Keiichi was beginning to be assimilated in simple rural life, he stumbles upon the dark history of Hinamizawa. As Keiichi dives deeper into the mystery, he finds that his new found friends may not be all what they claim to be."

8. School Days

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Synopsis from ANN:

"Makoto Ito rides the train to and from school every day. However, at the beginning of his second term, he falls in love with a beautiful girl that also rides the train. Unfortunately, she barely knows of his existence. Her name is Kotonoha Katsura, and though they attend the same school, they are not in the same class. In an attempt to catch her eye, Makoto enlists the aid of a close female friend of his: Sekai Saionji. She helps him, despite the fact that she - unbeknowst to Makoto - is in love with him. Thus the three are bound in a love triangle of life-changing proportions."

9. Pupa

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Synopsis from ANN:

"Growing up with an abusive father, Utsutsu is highly protective of  his younger sister Yume. One day, Yume sees a red butterfly and contracts the strange Pupa virus. She begins to sprout grotesque wings and to indiscriminately attack both animals and humans. Hoping to find a way to stop the advance of the virus, Utsutsu seeks out Maria, a researcher who knows the secret of Pupa. He decides to sacrifice his own body as live bait for the sake of saving Yume."

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Synopsis from ANN:

"Juu Juuzawa is a delinquent high school boy who just wants to be left alone. One day, he is approached by Ame Ochibana, who claims that she knew him in a previous life, and now wants to serve him as his "knight." At first Juu wants nothing to do with Ame, but after a classmate is murdered, he accepts her help as he looks for the killer."

Have you watched all of these horror anime? What do you think of them? Which one is your favorite?

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All the world knows Tardar Sauce because of her grumpy face; hence, she is called Grumpy Cat. She trampled other influential cats by gaining the number one spot in Friskies 50 Most Influential Cats. Could anycat snatch Grumpy's throne?

I saw a cat featured on Mashable. His name is Griffin von Porkchop. He also has a grumpy face because of his snuggled tooth. Will Griffin snatch Grumpy's throne? Here are his photos from his Instagram and see for yourself!

I'm Griffin!

What are you lookin' at?

No one dares enter my territory.

So, what do you think?
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Happy writing! I'll have another list soon. Yes, there is a part 3!

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*Note: The pictures posted on this blog are from a manga scanlation site called Manga Panda. Please support the author of Deadman Wonderland by purchasing original copies of his work. This blog post is only intended for informational purposes.

Ganta and Shiro tried to kill each other. By the way, if you still didn't know, Shiro was the Wretched Egg who killed Ganta's friends.

Ganta had made his resolve to kill Shiro to grant her wish of wanting to die. An explosive attack was launched by Ganta but he changed his aim - purposely missing his target, Shiro. Despite killing his friends, Ganta couldn't afford to end Shiro's life. Ganta knew that dying was not really Shiro's wish.

Shiro then burst into tears, regretting what she had done - killing Ganta's friends and for doing other terrible things. She said that she was envious of Ganta and his friends, being able to do the things they wanted. As for herself, she was kept inside the laboratory and were experimented upon by mad scientists including Ganta's mother. The experimental rat was supposed to be Ganta. 

Ganta's mother only got pregnant so that she could have a human subject. However, when Ganta was born, she had a change of heart. Instead, the scientists looked for another human subject, and that was Shiro.

Growing up full of jealousy, Shiro killed Ganta's friends so that Ganta could share her sorrow. However, Shiro loves Ganta. They were friends when they were little. Ganta grew up in the lab, too, and Shiro was his playmate.

"I don't want to die."

Though Shiro claimed that she wanted to die, her true wish was to live and be happy. Ganta said that he might not be able to forgive Shiro. But Ganta was willing to stay with Shiro since Shiro was his possession. They hugged each other. And then they just exploded.

Shiro and Ganta

Deadman Wonderland closed and was soon forgotten by most people, like nothing happened. Of course, the true darkness of Deadman Wonderland was not revealed. They only made it appear that Deadman Wonderland, the amusement park, could not get on business anymore.

Ganta was free, so as the other Deadmen who lived on with their normal lives without using their power, or Branches of Sin. As for Shiro, she was on a coma. But in the end, she opened her eyes and she saw Ganta by her side. That was the end.

If you haven't read the Deadman Wonderland ending yet, I suggest you read it now.
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