Nozoki Ana: Ending of the Manga

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Nozoki Ana is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Honna Wakou. The story is about two college students named Kido Tatsuhiko and Ikuno Emiru. These two live in the same apartment complex. Their rooms are just next to each other, and their rooms are connected by a peephole.

Nozoki Ana Final Chapter
by Honna Wakou

So, what would you expect if there's a peephole? Kido Tatsuhiko saw Ikuno Emiru masturbating inside her room. Kido tried to tell Emiru about the hole, but instead, she blackmailed him by taking a picture of them together - "Kido attacking Emiru."

Not known to Kido, Emiru is a "perverted girl" who wants to take turns peeping at each other. Every man would gladly accept Emiru's proposition, but Kido is "against" it. Well, there's nothing he could do but to accept it. If he won't, Emiru will spread their photo.

Can love blossom between these two students?

Did Kido and Emiru end up together?

Well, yes. After confessing each other's feelings and made love to each other, Emiru left Kido before their graduation day. As to why Emiru left Kido despite their mutual feelings, I totally forgot. Emiru told Kido to wait for one year.

Kido was devastated. He thought that he finally had a grasp of Emiru, but then, she left.

Kido continued his life, but to him, time had stopped without Emiru by his side. After a year, Kido attended their class reunion. Was Emiru there? She was not.

But when Kido came back to his apartment after the class reunion, he noticed the glaring light coming out of the peephole. His heart beats fast, and immediately opened the door of the abandoned room.

There, he found Emiru, sitting on the floor. And they were reunited at last.

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