Meet Bootsy: The Cat with Anime Eyes

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I am a frequent lurker of Love Meow. I get to see a lot of cute cat images. One time, I spotted Bootsy. Bootsy is featured on Love Meow's homepage.

Bootsy is a Siamese cat. She is called as the cat with anime eyes. Ever wonder why? Look at these pictures:

Bootsy looking at you


Am I allowed here?

Those big and round black pupils are really captivating. Looking at her pictures made me want to spread her cuteness. Please owner, don't get mad at me.

It seems like Bootsy has mastered the art of the pleading eye technique, which made her eyes look like that of an anime.

You can't defy me.

She is already on par with Puss in Boots. Or maybe much better? What do you think?

*Bootsy pictures are courtesy of Bamhoov

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