JRock UK Updater: Best Site to Discover JRock and Visual Kei Bands

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Update (Oct. 21, 2015):

JRock UK Updater has now moved to JRock News, but the Edohsama site is not closed.

What made me join the bandwagon of anime otakus was because of DN Angel's opening song entitled Byakuya by Shunichi Miyamoto. I heard this song when I watched DN Angel on a whim at our local TV channel. And then I didn't know what got into me. I felt the urge to have a copy of the song, Byakuya, no matter what.

I hardly watched anime series during my childhood days. I just watched anime because my brother was watching it on TV. What else could I do?

But after hearing Byakuya, I became curious on Japanese music. I told myself that if I watched numerous anime series, I could discover more great songs. I became a JPop/JRock otaku first before I became an anime otaku.

jrock uk updater
JRock UK Updater banner

I stumbled upon a site called JRock UK Updater. And  now, I'm a frequent lurker around there.

So what's good about JRock UK Updater?

  • It's always updated with JRock PVs, bands and songs. If you want to go beyond the same artists or bands who sing for anime OSTs, then visiting JRock UK Updater will help you increase your list of JRock bands.
  • Occasionally, there are music downloads. Yeah, some of JRUU's blog posts include a download link of music. Some are singles and most are albums. You will skip the hassle of browsing different sites to download your music fix.
  • It has an active chat widget. If you want to talk with like-minded individuals about JRock music, then visit JRUU. Most of the time, the JRUU chatters share music links not included in the blog.

Visit these links, my current favorites in JRUU:

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