Anime Worth Watching: Tokyo Ghoul

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After Shingeki no Kyojin has ended, I have kept on searching for new anime series that would exude a great impact just like SnK.

Sadly, there aren't too many new anime series that would held me captive with its first episode.

But my search was over after I watched Tokyo Ghoul.

tokyo ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul: Original Art by Sui Ishida

A woman eating several tattered and blood-covered corpses? That was an epic way to start the series. Tokyo Ghoul has caught my attention. I love anime series that's something gore. 

The story of Tokyo Ghoul revolves around the life of Ken Kaneki, a once human but soon turned into a half ghoul. 

Kaneki ended up being a ghoul just because he fell in love with the wrong woman named Rize Kamishiro. And yes, she's a ghoul.

Rize's true identity is unknown to Kaneki because ghouls take the form of a human to blend in the society. They are powerful monsters that are kept alive by eating a human's flesh.

So what happened to Kaneki?

Despite being a meek guy, Kaneki was able to muster all of his courage to ask Rize out on a date, and she said yes. 

Kaneki thought he's lucky because finally, he would be going out with the lady he long admired. 

However, the "luckiest" day of his life turned out to be the worst. His date became a nightmare. 

Find out the changed life of Kaneki Ken. You'll definitely love watching Tokyo Ghoul as much as I do.

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