Nozoki Ana is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Honna Wakou. The story is about two college students named Kido Tatsuhiko and Ikuno Emiru. These two live in the same apartment complex. Their rooms are just next to each other, and their rooms are connected by a peephole.

Nozoki Ana Final Chapter
by Honna Wakou

So, what would you expect if there's a peephole? Kido Tatsuhiko saw Ikuno Emiru masturbating inside her room. Kido tried to tell Emiru about the hole, but instead, she blackmailed him by taking a picture of them together - "Kido attacking Emiru."

Not known to Kido, Emiru is a "perverted girl" who wants to take turns peeping at each other. Every man would gladly accept Emiru's proposition, but Kido is "against" it. Well, there's nothing he could do but to accept it. If he won't, Emiru will spread their photo.

Can love blossom between these two students?

Did Kido and Emiru end up together?

Well, yes. After confessing each other's feelings and made love to each other, Emiru left Kido before their graduation day. As to why Emiru left Kido despite their mutual feelings, I totally forgot. Emiru told Kido to wait for one year.

Kido was devastated. He thought that he finally had a grasp of Emiru, but then, she left.

Kido continued his life, but to him, time had stopped without Emiru by his side. After a year, Kido attended their class reunion. Was Emiru there? She was not.

But when Kido came back to his apartment after the class reunion, he noticed the glaring light coming out of the peephole. His heart beats fast, and immediately opened the door of the abandoned room.

There, he found Emiru, sitting on the floor. And they were reunited at last.
I am a frequent lurker of Love Meow. I get to see a lot of cute cat images. One time, I spotted Bootsy. Bootsy is featured on Love Meow's homepage.

Bootsy is a Siamese cat. She is called as the cat with anime eyes. Ever wonder why? Look at these pictures:

Bootsy looking at you


Am I allowed here?

Those big and round black pupils are really captivating. Looking at her pictures made me want to spread her cuteness. Please owner, don't get mad at me.

It seems like Bootsy has mastered the art of the pleading eye technique, which made her eyes look like that of an anime.

You can't defy me.

She is already on par with Puss in Boots. Or maybe much better? What do you think?

*Bootsy pictures are courtesy of Bamhoov
I have previously written about websites that pay you to blog without sending any pitches. You could write the whole draft of your article, and send it to the website owner for consideration. If your article is accepted, the website owner will pay you the appropriate amount.

This time, I'll be sharing you a list of websites wherein you are required to submit your idea first before you start writing and get accepted for payment.

Be a Freelance Blogger - This blog is owned by Sophie Lizard. From time to time, she holds a pitchfest event that gives you the chance to win $100, plus a link in your author bio. She accepts guest posts about freelance blogging.

American College of Health Care Sciences - ACHS is an online college website that offers holistic health education through comprehensive professional online and on-campus education. ACHS accepts guest blogs about holistic health and wellness. They pay $50 for every accepted post.

Cracked - Cracked is an American humor site where you could read about almost anything. If you are witty with a sense of humor, pitch in Cracked. I just don't know how much they pay.

OnText - OnText is a website about ghostwriting and author mentoring. They accept guest posts about ways on how to empower skilled and dedicated writers. You will receive $40 for every successful post.

Misadventures Mag - Misadventures is a website dedicated to bringing qual­ity out­door and adven­ture con­tent about women. You may submit article ideas or an already completed piece about women. I don't know how much they pay for regular submissions, but currently, they are looking for quality feature ideas to be included in their first print issue. And they will handsomely pay $400-$600. Visit this job board.

A List Apart - Accepts pitches that cater to an audience of designers, developers, content strategists, information architects, or similar. Pays $200 for every accepted post.

Income Diary - A blog that provides useful content for web entrepreneurs. You could write anything about how to make money online. Pay is according to what you priced. It's all up to you.

The Frisky - The Frisky is a women’s lifestyle website focused on pop culture, style, news and relationships. Payment is negotiable.

If you know any other websites that pay for guest post submissions, let me know through the comment box and I'll make a new list to share with everybody.

*Image courtesy of Stuart Miles
Update (Oct. 21, 2015):

JRock UK Updater has now moved to JRock News, but the Edohsama site is not closed.

What made me join the bandwagon of anime otakus was because of DN Angel's opening song entitled Byakuya by Shunichi Miyamoto. I heard this song when I watched DN Angel on a whim at our local TV channel. And then I didn't know what got into me. I felt the urge to have a copy of the song, Byakuya, no matter what.

I hardly watched anime series during my childhood days. I just watched anime because my brother was watching it on TV. What else could I do?

But after hearing Byakuya, I became curious on Japanese music. I told myself that if I watched numerous anime series, I could discover more great songs. I became a JPop/JRock otaku first before I became an anime otaku.

jrock uk updater
JRock UK Updater banner

I stumbled upon a site called JRock UK Updater. And  now, I'm a frequent lurker around there.

So what's good about JRock UK Updater?

  • It's always updated with JRock PVs, bands and songs. If you want to go beyond the same artists or bands who sing for anime OSTs, then visiting JRock UK Updater will help you increase your list of JRock bands.
  • Occasionally, there are music downloads. Yeah, some of JRUU's blog posts include a download link of music. Some are singles and most are albums. You will skip the hassle of browsing different sites to download your music fix.
  • It has an active chat widget. If you want to talk with like-minded individuals about JRock music, then visit JRUU. Most of the time, the JRUU chatters share music links not included in the blog.

Visit these links, my current favorites in JRUU:

Manila Craigslist is one of my biggest client sources online. It is a classified advertisements website wherein you could find freelance writing jobs.

Back then, I previously applied on a writing job. The "employer" was looking for a writer. I submitted my resume and sample written works because the pay per 500-word article was quite good.

After a few hours, I got a reply from the "employer." I thought it was my lucky day. However, I smelled a potential scam. 

I'm not saying that the "employer" is really a scammer but I won't take writing jobs that would put me at risk.

I had enough experiences of being scammed when I was a newbie writer.

Why is it a potential scam?

1. The "employer" does not observe proper sentence construction. The ad that the "employer" posted was quite decent. I understand that the "employer's" native language was not English. And maybe, he's not the avid writer himself. But if you are an employer and if you want to show a little formality between you and your future employee, you need at least to observe proper sentence construction. Observe capitalization and use the correct punctuation marks.

2. The "employer" hired me instantly without trying to explain the work and payment conditions. Sure, my instant hiring may be due to my splendid resume and  great sample articles. However, if you are truly a legit employer, you will take time to explain the work conditions, especially the payment conditions to your newly hired employee. As the employer, you will take the initiative to build trust with your doubtful new employee.

3. The "employer" remained anonymous. I asked whom I would be working with and the "employer" only answered that "you will be working with us." Who's that "us" by the way? Since I was already "hired," the "employer" should at least e-mail me with his real e-mail address. (Manila Craigslist allows you to send mails anonymously.)

4. The "employer" demands you to start writing at once. Honestly, who would in their right mind would present all the topics in a single flash without even straightening things up with your employee? I have too many questions left unanswered, especially about the work and payment conditions.

5. The "employer" vaguely answers all of your questions. Okay, so I asked him again to whom I would be working for, specifically, I asked to see his profile, and when and how the payments would be sent. I also asked how many articles per day should I write. He only said that I would be getting my salary once the job is done. He didn't even bother to answer all the questions.

So, how do you detect a potential scammer? Have you been scammed before?
After Shingeki no Kyojin has ended, I have kept on searching for new anime series that would exude a great impact just like SnK.

Sadly, there aren't too many new anime series that would held me captive with its first episode.

But my search was over after I watched Tokyo Ghoul.

tokyo ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul: Original Art by Sui Ishida

A woman eating several tattered and blood-covered corpses? That was an epic way to start the series. Tokyo Ghoul has caught my attention. I love anime series that's something gore. 

The story of Tokyo Ghoul revolves around the life of Ken Kaneki, a once human but soon turned into a half ghoul. 

Kaneki ended up being a ghoul just because he fell in love with the wrong woman named Rize Kamishiro. And yes, she's a ghoul.

Rize's true identity is unknown to Kaneki because ghouls take the form of a human to blend in the society. They are powerful monsters that are kept alive by eating a human's flesh.

So what happened to Kaneki?

Despite being a meek guy, Kaneki was able to muster all of his courage to ask Rize out on a date, and she said yes. 

Kaneki thought he's lucky because finally, he would be going out with the lady he long admired. 

However, the "luckiest" day of his life turned out to be the worst. His date became a nightmare. 

Find out the changed life of Kaneki Ken. You'll definitely love watching Tokyo Ghoul as much as I do.

Name: King Maru
Age: 6 months old
Hobbies: sleeping, playing, eating

That's my pet cat. My husband and I named him after Maru, the fluffy Japanese cat who loves to jump inside boxes.

We named him King Maru because he likes to sleep on our bed, acting like he's the one who owns the bed, the king of the bed.

Well, we just let him be. King Maru is a lovable tiger cat who sleeps on his back with his belly exposed and tiny legs raised - just like the fusion technique in Dragonball Z.

How about you? How does your pet cat sleep? Care to leave a picture of your cat inside the comment box?