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A short story:

Revenue sharing websites do not work at all for me. I previously joined three revenue sharing websites where one could be compensated for their writings but all were failures. 

The first site that I joined was Bubblews but we’re on a bitter end. I thought it’s a great site but it has several issues on payments. Read my article about Bubblews.

Then I joined Skrive. I had high hopes for this site but it suddenly closed down since it’s not making any profit. Read my article about Skrive.

And lastly, I joined Socivate. At first, it was a revenue sharing website where you could earn and exchange points for your writings. But then, it only became a forum website about online money making tips.

The ending:

Much to my frustration, since I haven’t earned any decent amount from these so-called revenue sharing websites, I’ve had enough. So I researched for websites that pay you for your guest post submissions instead. I think it’s faster to earn money this way. You don’t have to wait until your article gets a thousand views for you to get paid with only a few cents. 

But having your guest posts accepted is quite a feat. Unlike revenue sharing websites which mostly allow you to write fluffy posts, guest post submissions require a knack for writing. However, with these websites that I have found, you’ll get to earn $10 or more if your guest posts are accepted by the website owners.

The list of websites that pay you $10 or more:

I’ll be only listing here the websites that do not require you to pitch your article before writing. You can write directly your article and submit it to the website owner for consideration.

Foreign blogs/websites:

Listverse - A list site that covers a variety of topics. Pays $100.

Toptenz - A top 10 list site. Pays $50 for every accepted list.

History Lists - A list site about anything related to history. Pays $10 to $20.

The Krazy Coupon Lady - A coupon and finance website. Pays $50.

Matador Network - A travel website. Pays $25 to $60.

Intense Blog - A blogging resource blog. Pays $20 to $50.

Blue Mountain Arts - A company website that publishes contemporary prose or poetry. Pays $50 to $300.

For Filipino bloggers/writers:

Philippine Virtual Assistant Network - A work-at-home company site. Pays $10.

Everything Cebu - A Cebu travel guide website. Only pays $3.75 to $7.5.

Any questions? Feel free to use the comment box!

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