Fairy Tail Is Back!

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fairy tail s2
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Sorry for being a little late about the hype, but Fairy Tail is definitely back. Have you watched its first episode yet?

I don't watch the Fairy Tail S1 anime since I'm only reading the manga. My Facebook newsfeed is filled with Fairy Tail's awesomeness, so I got curious and downloaded S2's first episode.

What a great way to start the new season! I just love its destruction preview and its opening theme. It just made me want to become a Dragon Slayer like Natsu.

Compared to Fairy Tail's first season, the graphics have improved. All those flabby skin are gone. The characters look slimmer and sexier, much like the manga.

Personally, I don't like Fairy Tail's season one because the characters look very different. They look fat and have lost the "oomph" in them.

Anyways, I generally love Fairy Tail. If you haven't watch Fairy Tail Season 2 yet, I suggest you watch it now!  All hail Hiro Mashima.

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