Pinoy ka ba? Are you currently unemployed? Or are you looking for other means to earn extra income online? If you are looking for a freelancing job, I would like to share with you the three Pinoy freelancing websites I frequently visit.

You probably heard much about Craigslist before. Many hate this website because it is now a lurking ground for scammers and cheap employers, but still, if you are careful enough on whom/where you submit your application, Craigslist might just be your big break from being unemployed.

If you are from Philippines, the best area category to visit is Manila Craigslist since there are only a few similar employers who post their job ads in Bacolod, Bicol, Cagayan, and etc.

In fact, I grabbed my first freelance writing work from this website although the pay was low. Well, I need not to complain since I was only a newbie at that time. I didn't know whether I was being justly compensated. And then I found another better paying client from here.

In Manila Craigslist, you can find freelance, part time or even full time jobs. It has several job categories like writing/editing, art/media/design, web/info design, admin/office, and many more.

EasyOutsource is a website dedicated to Filipino online job seekers wherein they can meet their potential employers from all over the globe.

Though the job listings in EasyOutsource is nothing compared to Craigslist, you can still find updated and open online jobs every other day.

What's best about EasyOutsource is that it helps Filipino online job seekers to get away from scammer employers. If you will be getting an online job, you may opt to select from the list of employers who have paid EasyOutsource to post their job ads.

If employers are willing to pay EasyOutsource to post their job ads, then Filipino online job seekers can be more confident that these employers are much more willing to pay than other employers who only post their job ads for free.

Back then, I found an employer for a writing position, and an employer for virtual assistant work. And they paid much better than my employer from Manila Craigslist.

This is much like EasyOutsource, a website which is also dedicated to Filipino online job seekers. I think this is the best website out of the three since they have several updated job listings, the compensation is specifically stated, and their website looks more professional.

However, I haven't landed any freelancing job here yet. I'm not that motivated enough to complete my profile there. You see, you need to fill what's required, provide a scan of your government ID, take some online tests and the likes to improve your credibility. If your profile is complete, the more that the employers will develop an interest of hiring you.

I strongly recommend these three websites especially if you're still new in the freelancing world. If you have gained enough experience, then you can step up to the next level.

Some other time, I will be writing about other freelancing opportunities especially for web content writers.