Is Bubblews a Scam?

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Bubblews is a revenue sharing site wherein you get paid for every view, like and comment of your writings/posts. To put it simply, it is like the new generation of Squidoo and HubPages.

The popularity of Bubblews spreads like wildfire because of their high payout. For every view, you get 0.1 cents in your Bank, not 0.01 or 0.001. With that, you can easily earn a dollar.

What's more, you can write anything you want as long as you follow the minimum 400 character count or approximately 100 words. You can even write about your breakfast.

But with its popularity came along the buzz of Bubblews on being a scam site.

I tried Bubblews

Despite the scam fiasco, I still tried Bubblews because I was in need of cash, and my freelance writing career is stooping low so I tried to write for this revenue sharing site.

I reached the minimum payout of $25 so I hit the redeem button. (But today, the minimum payout of Bubblews is $50). I waited for five days and Bubblews paid my first redemption.


Bubblews didn't pay my second and third redemption. I know that I didn't break any rules. Heck, I've been writing for the web for several years and I have known the rules for all of my life. I've  been paid in my first redemption so I already know the do's and dont's when writing for Bubblews.

I contacted them

I contacted Bubblews regarding my unpaid redemption. They replied and said that they would look into it. But it's already been four months and nothing happened. They have a very poor communication channel. 

I think I have contacted them twice, but they didn't make an action. Only sweet talks about looking into it.

I know that Bubblews has few manpower, but that's not an excuse to break their own set of deadlines. In the Bubblews Contact page, they said that they would be responding within 86 hours, and not more than four months.

Playing favorites?

Though a few select others are being paid without a miss, there are still several of us non-rule breakers who don't get paid. What does that mean? Do you think that Bubblews has their own set of favorites?

The verdict

So, is Bubblews a scam site or not? If you are not duly paid every time you redeem, would you still consider Bubblews a legit or a just community? I think not.

I'm only sharing you my awful experience with Bubblews, my opinions about them, or what I think about them. It's in your own discretion whether you'll still join this revenue sharing site or not.

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