Blogs That I Read: Top 3 Blogs About Freelance Blogging

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Reading other people's blogs is always one of the best ways to craft wonderful posts for your own blog. Whenever  I get stuck on what to write, I visit some of my favorite blogs about freelance blogging. And guess what? These blogs actually help me generate ideas. If you also have a blog under the freelance blogging niche, this list of blogs will certainly be useful.

Of all the freelance blogging blogs that I have read, Ms Sophie Lizard's Be a Freelance Blogger is my favorite. Aside from the wonderful topics covered in her blog, I was amazed by her story on how she became a successful freelance blogger

I especially liked her post entitled, "Let the $100 Pitchfest Begin!" Like me, you, too, can learn on how to craft effective blog pitches here.

This is owned by Ms Carol Tice. Like Ms Lizard, she, too, has a very inspiring story on how she conquered the freelance writing world even if she doesn't earn a degree in journalism.

Her blog posts will inspire you to pursue your freelance writing dream. She has abundant tips on what to do and what not to do in the freelance writing community.

What I like about Ms Linda Formichelli's blog is that her blog posts always consist of concrete and specific details. For example, if you would be writing a query letter to a magazine editor, she always has a few samples included.

How about you? What freelance blogging blogs do you often visit or read?

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