Beelzebub Manga: Official Ending

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Goodbye Beelzebub!

The battle between Oga and Fuji had all given us the thrill. And of course, Oga and Baby Beel had won versus the Fuji-Satan duo. 

Truthfully, I was shocked that what I would be reading next would be Beelzebub's last chapter. So, how did the ending go?

The Tohoshinki is now only a legend

After the Satan arc, the Ishiyama guys resumed their normal lives. Toujo, Kanzaki and Himekawa, as well as the other senior "lackeys," had graduated.

Toujo became a truck driver; Kanzaki became a yakuza leader; and Himekawa was as rich as ever.

Their graduation was then followed by the graduation ceremony of Kunieda and Nene.

Two years later, it was finally Oga's batch to graduate. However, six months before their graduation, Oga had gone to the demon world. And he was nowhere to be found.

New queen of Red Tails

After Kunieda left Ishiyama, Chiaki was hailed as the fifth queen of the Red Tails. Her hair had grown longer like that of the former Kunieda, the chibified version of the former queen.

The new Red Tails

Kunieda had cut her hair short; she looked more mature with her glasses. Nene looked more lady-like and Paako looked the same as ever, only with pig tails.

Remember Kouta and Futaba?

Kouta is the little brother of Kunieda. He had played with Baby Beel in a kids center. On the other hand, Futaba is that little niece of Kanzaki who made good friends with Paako. They now grew up!

Kouta and Futaba

After seeing these two children grew, it made me think of what Baby Beel would look like since these two were his peers. 

How about Furuichi?

Nothing changed. He is still creepy Furuichin. He still looked the same. But he is respected by the new Ishiyama students. He is known as "The General" and his ability to summon several demons became known. 

He is taking care of Ishiyama while Oga is away. He's the batch valedictorian. 

Did Oga show up in his graduation?

Yes, he had made his grand entrance riding a ferocious dragon. Baby Beel, Hilda, Alaindelon, and a new character were with him.

Oga's grand entrance

Oga had gone to the demon world because he had played with the Overlord's ridiculous fighting games. This new character, named Nico, is the Overlord's daughter, Baby Beel's little sister.

Nico, Oga and Beel

The Overlord also asked Oga to look after her. Now, he got two babies on his back. I really thought that Nico was the product of Oga and Hilda's love.

Baby Beel didn't grow up?

Yes, he's still a baby. He didn't mature. But Oga is proud to say that Baby Beel can now say two words and that's "Ai, Furuchin."

Who ended up with Oga?

It was never told. But I'm vying for an Oga and Hilda pair. I just don't like Kunieda for Oga.

Is that really the end?

Tamura Ryuuhei-sensei said that there will be a spin-off for the manga so expect to see a different storyline.

*Note: The images are from Tamura Ryuuhei's Beelzebub manga. Everyone is encouraged to support his work.

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