3 Famous Internet Cats

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Not only humans can become celebrities, but also cats. I would like to share you my three favorite cats who have risen to cat stardom. 


I absolutely love Maru. Aside from his cute, fat fluffly looks, Maru makes you go wow with his special talent - jumping in and out of boxes no matter how small they are for his big body.

I got to know Maru when I was randomly watching video compilations of funny cats in Youtube. And Maru's clip piqued my interest. I googled what's the name of that cat who loves jumping into boxes, and Maru's name popped up!

Even my husband, who claims that he hates cats, have developed a liking to Maru. Whenever he sees a picture or video of Maru, he calls me to watch it with him.

Visit these pages to witness Maru's awesomeness:

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat's real name is Tardar Sauce. She got famous with her grumpy looks. I got to know Grumpy Cat because of her grumpy memes that are popping out in several social media networks.

In fact, I have gathered some of the best memes of Grumpy Cat. Check this article: Silliest Memes of Grumpy Cat

By far, Grumpy Cat is declared as the official king of internet cats based on this article.

Visit these pages to have a glimpse on Grumpy Cat:


I began to like Nala after seeing the above picture. That was a really precious surprised expression. I wish I could also capture pictures of my own pet cats with that expression.

To see Nala's amusing pics, visit these pages:

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