If you have the luxury, would you consider buying expensive cat breeds? I'm a huge fan of cats so, why not? But as of now, I'm happy with my feral and stray cats. They're also as sweet and as cute as other expensive cat breeds.

I googled for the most expensive cat breeds out there. And summarized the first ten results especially for the price of each breed. Here are my findings:

Russian Blue

Price Range: 

$300 - $350,000

Perhaps you will be surprised on how expensive a Russian Blue is. This price range is based on iVillage. But the regular price of a Russian Blue is $350 - $3,000.

Trademark Traits: 

- plush blue coat

- affectionate
- gentle
- shy with strangers
- playful
*Source: Catster


Price Range: 

$15,000 - $100,000

In most websites, the Ashera cat is declared as the most expensive cat breed. But when I saw the article in iVillage, I'll only give the Ashera cat the number two spot.

Trademark Traits:

- intelligent

- affectionate
- loyal
- physical appearance (see Savannah)
*Source: Imgur
Bubblews is a revenue sharing site wherein you get paid for every view, like and comment of your writings/posts. To put it simply, it is like the new generation of Squidoo and HubPages.

The popularity of Bubblews spreads like wildfire because of their high payout. For every view, you get 0.1 cents in your Bank, not 0.01 or 0.001. With that, you can easily earn a dollar.

What's more, you can write anything you want as long as you follow the minimum 400 character count or approximately 100 words. You can even write about your breakfast.

But with its popularity came along the buzz of Bubblews on being a scam site.

I tried Bubblews

Despite the scam fiasco, I still tried Bubblews because I was in need of cash, and my freelance writing career is stooping low so I tried to write for this revenue sharing site.

I reached the minimum payout of $25 so I hit the redeem button. (But today, the minimum payout of Bubblews is $50). I waited for five days and Bubblews paid my first redemption.


Bubblews didn't pay my second and third redemption. I know that I didn't break any rules. Heck, I've been writing for the web for several years and I have known the rules for all of my life. I've  been paid in my first redemption so I already know the do's and dont's when writing for Bubblews.

I contacted them

I contacted Bubblews regarding my unpaid redemption. They replied and said that they would look into it. But it's already been four months and nothing happened. They have a very poor communication channel. 

I think I have contacted them twice, but they didn't make an action. Only sweet talks about looking into it.

I know that Bubblews has few manpower, but that's not an excuse to break their own set of deadlines. In the Bubblews Contact page, they said that they would be responding within 86 hours, and not more than four months.

Playing favorites?

Though a few select others are being paid without a miss, there are still several of us non-rule breakers who don't get paid. What does that mean? Do you think that Bubblews has their own set of favorites?

The verdict

So, is Bubblews a scam site or not? If you are not duly paid every time you redeem, would you still consider Bubblews a legit or a just community? I think not.

I'm only sharing you my awful experience with Bubblews, my opinions about them, or what I think about them. It's in your own discretion whether you'll still join this revenue sharing site or not.
Not only humans can become celebrities, but also cats. I would like to share you my three favorite cats who have risen to cat stardom. 


I absolutely love Maru. Aside from his cute, fat fluffly looks, Maru makes you go wow with his special talent - jumping in and out of boxes no matter how small they are for his big body.

I got to know Maru when I was randomly watching video compilations of funny cats in Youtube. And Maru's clip piqued my interest. I googled what's the name of that cat who loves jumping into boxes, and Maru's name popped up!

Even my husband, who claims that he hates cats, have developed a liking to Maru. Whenever he sees a picture or video of Maru, he calls me to watch it with him.

Visit these pages to witness Maru's awesomeness:

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat's real name is Tardar Sauce. She got famous with her grumpy looks. I got to know Grumpy Cat because of her grumpy memes that are popping out in several social media networks.

In fact, I have gathered some of the best memes of Grumpy Cat. Check this article: Silliest Memes of Grumpy Cat

By far, Grumpy Cat is declared as the official king of internet cats based on this article.

Visit these pages to have a glimpse on Grumpy Cat:


I began to like Nala after seeing the above picture. That was a really precious surprised expression. I wish I could also capture pictures of my own pet cats with that expression.

To see Nala's amusing pics, visit these pages:

Goodbye Beelzebub!

The battle between Oga and Fuji had all given us the thrill. And of course, Oga and Baby Beel had won versus the Fuji-Satan duo. 

Truthfully, I was shocked that what I would be reading next would be Beelzebub's last chapter. So, how did the ending go?

The Tohoshinki is now only a legend

After the Satan arc, the Ishiyama guys resumed their normal lives. Toujo, Kanzaki and Himekawa, as well as the other senior "lackeys," had graduated.

Toujo became a truck driver; Kanzaki became a yakuza leader; and Himekawa was as rich as ever.

Their graduation was then followed by the graduation ceremony of Kunieda and Nene.

Two years later, it was finally Oga's batch to graduate. However, six months before their graduation, Oga had gone to the demon world. And he was nowhere to be found.

New queen of Red Tails

After Kunieda left Ishiyama, Chiaki was hailed as the fifth queen of the Red Tails. Her hair had grown longer like that of the former Kunieda, the chibified version of the former queen.

The new Red Tails

Kunieda had cut her hair short; she looked more mature with her glasses. Nene looked more lady-like and Paako looked the same as ever, only with pig tails.

Remember Kouta and Futaba?

Kouta is the little brother of Kunieda. He had played with Baby Beel in a kids center. On the other hand, Futaba is that little niece of Kanzaki who made good friends with Paako. They now grew up!

Kouta and Futaba

After seeing these two children grew, it made me think of what Baby Beel would look like since these two were his peers. 

How about Furuichi?

Nothing changed. He is still creepy Furuichin. He still looked the same. But he is respected by the new Ishiyama students. He is known as "The General" and his ability to summon several demons became known. 

He is taking care of Ishiyama while Oga is away. He's the batch valedictorian. 

Did Oga show up in his graduation?

Yes, he had made his grand entrance riding a ferocious dragon. Baby Beel, Hilda, Alaindelon, and a new character were with him.

Oga's grand entrance

Oga had gone to the demon world because he had played with the Overlord's ridiculous fighting games. This new character, named Nico, is the Overlord's daughter, Baby Beel's little sister.

Nico, Oga and Beel

The Overlord also asked Oga to look after her. Now, he got two babies on his back. I really thought that Nico was the product of Oga and Hilda's love.

Baby Beel didn't grow up?

Yes, he's still a baby. He didn't mature. But Oga is proud to say that Baby Beel can now say two words and that's "Ai, Furuchin."

Who ended up with Oga?

It was never told. But I'm vying for an Oga and Hilda pair. I just don't like Kunieda for Oga.

Is that really the end?

Tamura Ryuuhei-sensei said that there will be a spin-off for the manga so expect to see a different storyline.

*Note: The images are from Tamura Ryuuhei's Beelzebub manga. Everyone is encouraged to support his work.
Cana Alberona was definitely awesome in Fairy Tail 371. With her cardify technique, she saved the whole lot of Fairy Tail mages.

Everyone, cardify!

Her cardify technique makes every single mage transform into a card. Salvaging the cards into her hands, Cana tasked Charle, Happy and Lily to carry the "card" mages towards Tartaros' headquarters.

The three cats carrying the card mages

This chapter is super exciting. The three cats flew bravely towards the cube. In Cana's command, she released the Fairy Tail mages charging the headquarters of Tartaros.

Time to battle!

And at the same time, Erza, Mira, Natsu and Lisana had escaped from being captives.

I can't wait for the next chapter! Fairy Tail will surely beat the crap out of Tartaros.  

*Note: Images are from Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail manga. Everyone is encouraged to support his work.
Reading other people's blogs is always one of the best ways to craft wonderful posts for your own blog. Whenever  I get stuck on what to write, I visit some of my favorite blogs about freelance blogging. And guess what? These blogs actually help me generate ideas. If you also have a blog under the freelance blogging niche, this list of blogs will certainly be useful.

Of all the freelance blogging blogs that I have read, Ms Sophie Lizard's Be a Freelance Blogger is my favorite. Aside from the wonderful topics covered in her blog, I was amazed by her story on how she became a successful freelance blogger

I especially liked her post entitled, "Let the $100 Pitchfest Begin!" Like me, you, too, can learn on how to craft effective blog pitches here.

This is owned by Ms Carol Tice. Like Ms Lizard, she, too, has a very inspiring story on how she conquered the freelance writing world even if she doesn't earn a degree in journalism.

Her blog posts will inspire you to pursue your freelance writing dream. She has abundant tips on what to do and what not to do in the freelance writing community.

What I like about Ms Linda Formichelli's blog is that her blog posts always consist of concrete and specific details. For example, if you would be writing a query letter to a magazine editor, she always has a few samples included.

How about you? What freelance blogging blogs do you often visit or read?