Why Cats Leave Home

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I have several cats who left home even if they were well cared for. I really wonder why do they leave and never come back.

Don't they like the food we serve to them? Don't they like being with us anymore? Don't they want to play with me anymore? The questions are endless. So I made a research on why cats leave home. 

Disrupted daily pattern. Your pet cat may not like living in your home anymore because of a disrupted pattern. This may be that you have a new pet or a new person living inside your home. This kind of event makes the cat feel uncomfortable.

Stressed. In relation to a disrupted daily pattern, cats may leave home if they feel stressed. If your household is already filled with stress, your pet cat may not keep up and just leave your home. So, if one of your cats leave, keep in check, you might be overwhelmed with stress, too.

They are lost. Though cats are known to find their way home no matter what, some cats are not able to do that; hence, being lost.

Cat love.  Whenever cats are in heat, they wander away from home to search for their partner. Cats that often leave home for mating are unaltered cats. At times, they will be back. At times, they won't.

Adventurous. Since cats are naturally adventurous, much like their lion and tiger ancestors, your pet cats will leave home to discover something new. They might hang out with other cats and find that they want a different kind of life.

Neglected sweetie. And last but not the least, your pet cat will really leave you if you are neglecting him.  If you're hurting him or not giving him food, your cats will be running out of your door.

But in the end, well cared cats who leave home still remain a mystery. If we believe that we have given them the right amount of care and attention, the most fitting reasons why they leave home are because they are lost; they are in heat; or they have pursued their great adventure.

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