How to Increase Fiverr Sales

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Fiverr is a community wherein you can sell different kinds of gigs for $5. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to earn extra income.

But the real problem is, landing on your first client for your gig. There are several Fiverr members who have the same gig as yours. So, how do you increase your chances of increasing your Fiverr sales? Here are some ways that might work best for you.

1. Promote your gig through social media. But how? Use the social media the right way. Don't just share or promote your gig to your personal status/wall. Who would buy your gig? Your buddy relatives and friends? Of course, they won't.

Join Facebook groups or Google Plus communities. If your gig is about writing, you can look for blog writing communities. Share your gig there.

2. Join forums. Forum websites are also best sites to promote your gigs. Forum websites allow you to display a signature of your own. Create your own signature indicating your Fiverr gig. Be active in posting and helping others in forum sites. This way, you are "spreading" your gig through your signature. Be patient. Someone will contact you about your gig.

3. Do blog comments. Another effective method to promote your gig is through commenting on relevant websites. Chances are, the blog owners, as well as their readers, might be interested to purchase your Fiverr gig.

Hope this helps!

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