Golden Time: Who Should Tada Banri Choose?

Golden Time is an anime series that belongs to my "current watching list." An anime series that belongs to the romantic genre. I don't usually watch these girly-girly types because I'm more shounen at heart.
What drives me to watch Golden Time

It's obviously the plot. And I mean the story, not boobs. 

The main character of the series is Tada Banri, the guy with amnesia. He tries to live on without worrying too much about his past.

He then meets a very beautiful girl named Kaga Koko. Banri is captivated by Koko's wit and charms. They eventually became a couple.

However, Banri's past memories feelings slowly return every time he's with Linda, his senpai. Linda is Banri's love interest before he had his amnesia.

The Banri of the past loves Linda. And Linda loves Banri, too. But they never became a couple because of Banri's accident, making him lose his memory. In other words, the Banri-Linda tandem is a love story that failed to materialize.

And now, he's confused. His past self is longing for Linda. But his current self loves Koko. And they are already a couple!

Golden Time heroines
Left: Linda, Middle: never mind her, Right: Koko
Original Creator - Yuyuko Takemiya 
Past or present?

Now, I have watched so many TV series or movies with this kind of plot. And most often, I side with the past lover.

But this time, it will be different.

If I am Tada Banri, I will choose Kaga Koko. I'm quite convinced with how Koko shows her true feelings for Banri.

Koko's beautiful, but she's barbaric and has a sharp tongue; while Linda (also beautiful) is kind and very considerate.

For Banri, Koko decides to change herself, to behave well, not to get easily angry, and so on.

Though I feel sorry for Linda, I will not still cast my vote for her. No matter what her reasons are, she had let Tada Banri to slip away from her side.

And now, Linda's crying, keeping all of her feelings, like asking for our sympathy.  

I just don't like Linda on how she "flirts" with Banri, especially on episode 12. Linda knows that Banri already got Koko. But... but... 

Some of you may perceive Linda's actions as only kindness. But for me, it's a flirtatious innocent act.

Who's anti-Linda here? LOL. If you want to know as to whom Banri will end up with, you'd better watch Golden Time now!


  1. Middle: never mind her :)) hahahaha

    1. Hahaha. I don't like her that much. Well, at first. But at the end of the series, when she cut her hair, I began to like her -- a little.


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