Gintama Second Movie: Is Sakata Gintoki Dead?

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Gintama final chapter movie
Gintama Final Chapter The Movie: Official Poster

Gintama fans were all excited once they heard the news that their favorite anime series would have a second movie. I, too, was on a rampage when I heard the news.

Gintama's second movie, Gintama Final Chapter The Movie: Eternal Glory to the Odd Jobs (Gekij┼Źban Gintama Kanketsu-hen: Yorozuya yo Eien Nare), was aired in Japan on the 6th of July last year. The subbed movie was released this month.

Final chapter?

Why is the movie called final chapter? Back then, I was shocked when I saw the trailer of Gintama's second movie. The mighty and powerful Sakata Gintoki is already a ghost of the past. What does that mean? That only leaves that Sakata Gintoki died.

Who could beat Sakata Gintoki?

That trailer made me wondered on how Gin-chan died. I couldn't think that anyone could beat him and leave him dead. And after months of waiting for the English subs to be released, I immediately watched the movie.

Speculations on how Gintoki died

Sakata Gintoki has left for a journey in order to stop a future problem of Edo, and possibly the whole world. The future Kagura said that Sakata Gintoki died when he ate wild mushrooms in the forest and died because of diarrhea. What a lame way to die. But that's how Gintama is.

I will not spoil you any further. Find out the real reason why Sakata Gintoki "died."

If you haven't watched the second movie yet, watch the Gintama second movie now! Prepare yourself for a load of action and laughter.

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