My First Freelance Writing Gig

Do you remember your first freelance writing gig? How did you feel when you finally got your first ever writing job online?

When I landed on my first freelance writing gig, I felt like this: 

I felt great. Who wouldn't be?

I got my first freelance writing gig in Manila Craigslist. And my employer paid me $1 for every 500-word post.

Yes, only a dollar. I didn't have any idea that time on what is the justifiable rate for an article.

I don't write like crap even if English is not my first language. But when I came into realization, since then, I looked for better-paying clients, those who do not treat Filipino writers as slaves and those who do not pay us below the minimum wage.

Anyways, I'm still thankful for that experience. My eyes were opened. That there are bigger opportunities out there.


  1. There are definitely bigger and better opportunities out there.

    Don't worry, I had the same experience - writing 12 200 word articles for the princely total sum of $10.

    $9 after Paypal took its cut.

    So 9 dollars for 4-5 hours of work...

    But don't worry. There are tons of people willing to pay decent rates, so go find them!

    1. Yeah. I'm beginning to look for them this year. I'll make sure I'll be able to find some of them. Thanks for your comment.

      - MonMonKun

  2. I haven't tried writing for a client yet but I agree that sounds so low given the quality a Filipino could give. Good thing you've moved on to another client.

    I had an offer lower than that but I declined. I hope you don't mind me sharing that experience here:


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