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There are a lot of people wanting to earn some extra money doing online work while keeping their daytime job. And one of the best ways to earn online is through freelance writing.

Let me share with you a wonderful community where you could earn a little money with your writing skills. It is called Skrive It, or simply Skrive.

Who can write for Skrive?

Anyone can write for Skrive as long as:
  • You know how to write articles in English.
  • You have something to share.
Even if you don't have a perfect grammar, Skrive will publish your articles as long as they are readable or understandable. 

Skrive is not that strict when it comes to grammar. However, as responsible writers, we should always proofread our own work.

To be able to encourage you more in writing for Skrive, read this article: Why Write for Skrive

How do you earn in Skrive?

Earning in Skrive is pretty much easy. You write an article, and then get it published. 

Your posts won't show right away though. It might take 4-5 days before it gets published because the Skrive staff reviews it first.

The more your articles gain views, the more you earn. Read this article to gain more views: Ways to Increase Your Page Views

Writing is not the only way to earn in Skrive. Read the following article to give you more ideas: How Do You Earn in Skrive

How much can you you earn in Skrive?

Since Skrive is still new at pulling its strings, you cannot earn big time yet. However, it is a very promising site. It's current writers stay with Skrive because they know that it will reach better heights in the near future.

Read the following article to know about Skrive's minimum payout: A Guide to Skrive's Minimum Payout

Is Skrive legit?

I'm still new in Skrive so I haven't reached my payment threshold yet. But based on my observation, Skrive really pays no matter how small your earnings are.

I have also read payment proofs written by other Skrive members. Though Skrive earnings are not that big, they never missed a single payment. Unlike other writing sites that starts with a "B," Skrive always pays.

I'm really hoping that Skrive makes it big someday, so that we, Skrive members, will have more earnings.

If you want to write and earn in Skrive, follow this link.

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