Beelzebub: The Separation of Baby Beel and Oga Tatsumi

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I just had a dose of my manga addiction. It's been a month since I haven't read any update of Beelzebub. Only to find out that Baby Beel and Oga are now separated.

It all started when Baby Beel and Oga, together with company, went to America to look for Madam Iris, Baby Beel's mom.They now know that Madam Iris is not a traitor.

However, they found out that Johan and the other guys of the Solomon Company are the real traitors. The four-eyed guy hurt Madam Iris in order to keep her hostage.

Baby Beel enraged

Seeing the badly hurt mother, Baby Beel was enraged. And cried  "Dabuhaaaaaaaa!!!" out loud.

Furious Baby Beel and Oga

Combined with Baby Beel's fury, Oga became one hell of a monster and defeated Johan in a blink of an eye.

When everything looks okay, Oga let go of Baby Beel, and that he should be reunited with his mother. Baby Beel, of course, was hesitant and he became teary eyed. Poor Baby Beel. Look on how he's crying.

The feels...

Still, Baby Beel had accepted to let Oga go. And we thought that the problem has already ended. However, when Oga returned to Ishiyama from America, this was what he saw.


Oga's beloved family was turned into stone. And this was done by his new enemy, Fuji. 


What will happen to Oga now that he doesn't have the King's Crest anymore? Are you also excited to find out?

*Note: This blog post is a brief summary on Beelzebub's chapters 231 - 234. The images are from Tamura Ryuuhei's Beelzebub manga. Everyone is encouraged to support his work.

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