I have several cats who left home even if they were well cared for. I really wonder why do they leave and never come back.

Don't they like the food we serve to them? Don't they like being with us anymore? Don't they want to play with me anymore? The questions are endless. So I made a research on why cats leave home. 

Disrupted daily pattern. Your pet cat may not like living in your home anymore because of a disrupted pattern. This may be that you have a new pet or a new person living inside your home. This kind of event makes the cat feel uncomfortable.

Stressed. In relation to a disrupted daily pattern, cats may leave home if they feel stressed. If your household is already filled with stress, your pet cat may not keep up and just leave your home. So, if one of your cats leave, keep in check, you might be overwhelmed with stress, too.

They are lost. Though cats are known to find their way home no matter what, some cats are not able to do that; hence, being lost.

Cat love.  Whenever cats are in heat, they wander away from home to search for their partner. Cats that often leave home for mating are unaltered cats. At times, they will be back. At times, they won't.

Adventurous. Since cats are naturally adventurous, much like their lion and tiger ancestors, your pet cats will leave home to discover something new. They might hang out with other cats and find that they want a different kind of life.

Neglected sweetie. And last but not the least, your pet cat will really leave you if you are neglecting him.  If you're hurting him or not giving him food, your cats will be running out of your door.

But in the end, well cared cats who leave home still remain a mystery. If we believe that we have given them the right amount of care and attention, the most fitting reasons why they leave home are because they are lost; they are in heat; or they have pursued their great adventure.
Fiverr is a community wherein you can sell different kinds of gigs for $5. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to earn extra income.

But the real problem is, landing on your first client for your gig. There are several Fiverr members who have the same gig as yours. So, how do you increase your chances of increasing your Fiverr sales? Here are some ways that might work best for you.

1. Promote your gig through social media. But how? Use the social media the right way. Don't just share or promote your gig to your personal status/wall. Who would buy your gig? Your buddy relatives and friends? Of course, they won't.

Join Facebook groups or Google Plus communities. If your gig is about writing, you can look for blog writing communities. Share your gig there.

2. Join forums. Forum websites are also best sites to promote your gigs. Forum websites allow you to display a signature of your own. Create your own signature indicating your Fiverr gig. Be active in posting and helping others in forum sites. This way, you are "spreading" your gig through your signature. Be patient. Someone will contact you about your gig.

3. Do blog comments. Another effective method to promote your gig is through commenting on relevant websites. Chances are, the blog owners, as well as their readers, might be interested to purchase your Fiverr gig.

Hope this helps!
Gintama final chapter movie
Gintama Final Chapter The Movie: Official Poster

Gintama fans were all excited once they heard the news that their favorite anime series would have a second movie. I, too, was on a rampage when I heard the news.

Gintama's second movie, Gintama Final Chapter The Movie: Eternal Glory to the Odd Jobs (Gekij┼Źban Gintama Kanketsu-hen: Yorozuya yo Eien Nare), was aired in Japan on the 6th of July last year. The subbed movie was released this month.

Final chapter?

Why is the movie called final chapter? Back then, I was shocked when I saw the trailer of Gintama's second movie. The mighty and powerful Sakata Gintoki is already a ghost of the past. What does that mean? That only leaves that Sakata Gintoki died.

Who could beat Sakata Gintoki?

That trailer made me wondered on how Gin-chan died. I couldn't think that anyone could beat him and leave him dead. And after months of waiting for the English subs to be released, I immediately watched the movie.

Speculations on how Gintoki died

Sakata Gintoki has left for a journey in order to stop a future problem of Edo, and possibly the whole world. The future Kagura said that Sakata Gintoki died when he ate wild mushrooms in the forest and died because of diarrhea. What a lame way to die. But that's how Gintama is.

I will not spoil you any further. Find out the real reason why Sakata Gintoki "died."

If you haven't watched the second movie yet, watch the Gintama second movie now! Prepare yourself for a load of action and laughter.
Do you remember your first freelance writing gig? How did you feel when you finally got your first ever writing job online?

When I landed on my first freelance writing gig, I felt like this: 

I felt great. Who wouldn't be?

I got my first freelance writing gig in Manila Craigslist. And my employer paid me $1 for every 500-word post.

Yes, only a dollar. I didn't have any idea that time on what is the justifiable rate for an article.

I don't write like crap even if English is not my first language. But when I came into realization, since then, I looked for better-paying clients, those who do not treat Filipino writers as slaves and those who do not pay us below the minimum wage.

Anyways, I'm still thankful for that experience. My eyes were opened. That there are bigger opportunities out there.
*This post is only intended for manga otakus who like the ecchi genre. The following recommended list of ecchi mangas has great story lines. 

Are you on the lookout for new ecchi mangas to read? You have come to the right place because I will be providing you a list of ecchi mangas that you may possibly like!

Want some fighting action? Beautiful women with great sexy bodies bring you the best action-ecchi tandem. Read Change 123 for some sexy martial arts.

Can you imagine that true love can be borne from peeping through a hole? Well, Nozoki Ana can provide you an awesome story on how two people fell in love with each other with their peeping act. 

Blade Play

A perverted neet just became a hero in another world. With the help of a female warrior in that world, he uses his own "sword" to exorcise beautiful demons to become humans again.

Find out how a girly-looking boy will conquer several women. From being "the bullied" because of his girly looks, Minamoto-kun, rises from the ground and made several women fall to him. Well, I mean, fall on the bed with him.
Grumpy Cat. You have probably heard about her. She is one fabulous cat famous for her grumpy look. You've seen her mostly in Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and even YouTube. 

Oh, we just can't get enough of Tardar Sauce, Grumpy Cat's real name. Be charmed by Grumpy Cat with her silliest memes created by fans all over the world.

What a very despicable thing to say!

Join Skrive!

There are a lot of people wanting to earn some extra money doing online work while keeping their daytime job. And one of the best ways to earn online is through freelance writing.

Let me share with you a wonderful community where you could earn a little money with your writing skills. It is called Skrive It, or simply Skrive.

Who can write for Skrive?

Anyone can write for Skrive as long as:
  • You know how to write articles in English.
  • You have something to share.
Even if you don't have a perfect grammar, Skrive will publish your articles as long as they are readable or understandable. 

Skrive is not that strict when it comes to grammar. However, as responsible writers, we should always proofread our own work.

To be able to encourage you more in writing for Skrive, read this article: Why Write for Skrive

How do you earn in Skrive?

Earning in Skrive is pretty much easy. You write an article, and then get it published. 

Your posts won't show right away though. It might take 4-5 days before it gets published because the Skrive staff reviews it first.

The more your articles gain views, the more you earn. Read this article to gain more views: Ways to Increase Your Page Views

Writing is not the only way to earn in Skrive. Read the following article to give you more ideas: How Do You Earn in Skrive

How much can you you earn in Skrive?

Since Skrive is still new at pulling its strings, you cannot earn big time yet. However, it is a very promising site. It's current writers stay with Skrive because they know that it will reach better heights in the near future.

Read the following article to know about Skrive's minimum payout: A Guide to Skrive's Minimum Payout

Is Skrive legit?

I'm still new in Skrive so I haven't reached my payment threshold yet. But based on my observation, Skrive really pays no matter how small your earnings are.

I have also read payment proofs written by other Skrive members. Though Skrive earnings are not that big, they never missed a single payment. Unlike other writing sites that starts with a "B," Skrive always pays.

I'm really hoping that Skrive makes it big someday, so that we, Skrive members, will have more earnings.

If you want to write and earn in Skrive, follow this link.

  Join Skrive!
I jumped in into the world of blogging after realizing how this could lead to a vast sea of opportunities. Not only will it help me to improve my blogging skills, but also, I will have the opportunity to earn from what I like doing.

I have Googled a hundred tips on how to become a better blogger. And I have come up with the following means. I will follow these tips one step at a time until I'm used to it.

Create a list of what you would want to write. When I first started blogging, it seemed that I always run out of ideas on what to write; hence, wasting my time.Creating a list or a plan had helped me to utilize my time wisely.

Do blog promotion. No matter how great your writing is, if there is no one to read it, then your efforts will be for nothing. After you have written your blog post, find some time to share it in social media networks. And when your blog grows, people will be the one looking for your website.

Don't be a snob. When people liked or commented in your blog post, be kind enough to reply back to their comments (if a reply is needed). Even if your blog is already well-known, don't forget to bear in mind that your blog won't reach that level if not for your readers.

Read other people's blogs. You would learn many things if you read others work. In fact, I have a list of useful blogs I visit from time to time. I get ideas on what to write based on their blogs; hence, crafting my own blog post.

Build connections. Admit it or not, some bloggers out there are not really good writers. But since those bloggers know how to build good relationship with other people, they are soon well-liked by others.

What's your strategy in order to become a better blogger?
I just had a dose of my manga addiction. It's been a month since I haven't read any update of Beelzebub. Only to find out that Baby Beel and Oga are now separated.

It all started when Baby Beel and Oga, together with company, went to America to look for Madam Iris, Baby Beel's mom.They now know that Madam Iris is not a traitor.

However, they found out that Johan and the other guys of the Solomon Company are the real traitors. The four-eyed guy hurt Madam Iris in order to keep her hostage.

Baby Beel enraged

Seeing the badly hurt mother, Baby Beel was enraged. And cried  "Dabuhaaaaaaaa!!!" out loud.

Furious Baby Beel and Oga

Combined with Baby Beel's fury, Oga became one hell of a monster and defeated Johan in a blink of an eye.

When everything looks okay, Oga let go of Baby Beel, and that he should be reunited with his mother. Baby Beel, of course, was hesitant and he became teary eyed. Poor Baby Beel. Look on how he's crying.

The feels...

Still, Baby Beel had accepted to let Oga go. And we thought that the problem has already ended. However, when Oga returned to Ishiyama from America, this was what he saw.


Oga's beloved family was turned into stone. And this was done by his new enemy, Fuji. 


What will happen to Oga now that he doesn't have the King's Crest anymore? Are you also excited to find out?

*Note: This blog post is a brief summary on Beelzebub's chapters 231 - 234. The images are from Tamura Ryuuhei's Beelzebub manga. Everyone is encouraged to support his work.
Golden Time is an anime series that belongs to my "current watching list." An anime series that belongs to the romantic genre. I don't usually watch these girly-girly types because I'm more shounen at heart.
What drives me to watch Golden Time

It's obviously the plot. And I mean the story, not boobs. 

The main character of the series is Tada Banri, the guy with amnesia. He tries to live on without worrying too much about his past.

He then meets a very beautiful girl named Kaga Koko. Banri is captivated by Koko's wit and charms. They eventually became a couple.

However, Banri's past memories feelings slowly return every time he's with Linda, his senpai. Linda is Banri's love interest before he had his amnesia.

The Banri of the past loves Linda. And Linda loves Banri, too. But they never became a couple because of Banri's accident, making him lose his memory. In other words, the Banri-Linda tandem is a love story that failed to materialize.

And now, he's confused. His past self is longing for Linda. But his current self loves Koko. And they are already a couple!

Golden Time heroines
Left: Linda, Middle: never mind her, Right: Koko
Original Creator - Yuyuko Takemiya 
Past or present?

Now, I have watched so many TV series or movies with this kind of plot. And most often, I side with the past lover.

But this time, it will be different.

If I am Tada Banri, I will choose Kaga Koko. I'm quite convinced with how Koko shows her true feelings for Banri.

Koko's beautiful, but she's barbaric and has a sharp tongue; while Linda (also beautiful) is kind and very considerate.

For Banri, Koko decides to change herself, to behave well, not to get easily angry, and so on.

Though I feel sorry for Linda, I will not still cast my vote for her. No matter what her reasons are, she had let Tada Banri to slip away from her side.

And now, Linda's crying, keeping all of her feelings, like asking for our sympathy.  

I just don't like Linda on how she "flirts" with Banri, especially on episode 12. Linda knows that Banri already got Koko. But... but... 

Some of you may perceive Linda's actions as only kindness. But for me, it's a flirtatious innocent act.

Who's anti-Linda here? LOL. If you want to know as to whom Banri will end up with, you'd better watch Golden Time now!