Why I Choose Blogger

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It seems like almost everyone is wanting to blog. And choosing the best better blogging platform is one of the hurdles they need to face.

If you would ask me, I did not dwell thinking too much about that. I was determined to use Blogger as my blogging platform because of the following reasons:

No "Problem loading page" encounters

I was immediately turned-off to other blogging platforms, especially Wordpress, because whenever I visit a Wordpress-powered blog, I frequently say hi to "Problem loading page."

But whenever I visit a Blogger-powered blog, I hardly encounter this problem at all. So, I chose Blogger because of its speed.


I feel like I'm blogging for this big-time company whenever I use Blogger. Well, just a feeling though.

Aside from that, it made me think that since Blogger is owned by "the" Google Company, my free hosted blog won't just be disappearing easily because of bankruptcy.

Simple-looking templates

I like simple-looking blogs. They're cooler and cleaner to the eyes. Blogger really knows what simplicity means with their basic blog templates.

Anyways, if you like artsy templates for your Blogger blog, there are several available templates from the web. Just waiting to be downloaded and installed.

These are my main reasons why I chose Blogger without digging too much on the technical side. 

But as I made my research on the web, Blogger offers much more than that. And here they are:

  • with a user-friendly interface
  • with a wide range of widgets useful for the growth of your blog
  • tough security
  • provides greater opportunities of earning
  • can take unlimited traffic
  • search engine preferred


  1. Blogger is free platform and subdomain of Google, we can use it as a guest until we purchase own domain for our blog. the drawback of using blogger is its TOS, if we break them, they can remove the blog anytime. Don't worry, they have the same TOS which others do, like violation and illegal use of blog.
    Well, good write up. keep it up and wish you a very happy new year ahead.

    Divya @smtutorial

    1. Thanks for your comment! I always see to it that my blog posts are not violating any regulations. Happy New Year, too!

      - MonMonKun

  2. I too, prefer simple blogs. They are easier to read, I think. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. It's nice to meet you.

    Have a great week!


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