Why Should Students Blog

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I'm regretting the days when I missed the opportunity of creating my blog when I was still younger. I'm already 24 and I only discovered the wonderful world of blogging when I was 22. My passion for writing is already inscribed in my genes. I am writing since I was 7 years old.

I'm not an internet savvy person when I was a student. I only get acquainted with the web if I need to copy-paste researches for my school project. I didn't know that the web could help me open portals of better opportunities...that the web could help me lead to blogging. If you are a student, I hope these reasons would help you open your eyes why you should blog. 

Improved English skills

If you are not used to speaking/writing English, especially if it's not your mother tongue, blogging could serve as an avenue to improve your English skills.

At first, you may not be used to on how people tell you how bad your English is. Do not be disheartened. Keep on writing. As you pursue your blogging career, you would soon learn proper grammar usage and such.

My mother keeps on pounding to my brain that learning English is a must since it is often the medium for communication when hunting jobs and improving one's career. (BTW, I am Filipino).

Creating a network of online buds

As soon as you step out in the world of academia, you may have to use the power of the web to expand your goals. If you're a career-minded person, blogging could help you meet different kinds of people from all over the world.

If you have lots of connections in the online world, you could ask them for big or small favors. What friends are for, right? However, you need to possess the skills of a man courting a lady. Creating a network of real online buds is also hard work...which is why, you better start as early as you can while you are still a student.

Fame and greater money-making opportunities

I would tell you this flat out. If you build a blog while you are a student, there's more in store for you in the near future. And that is, upholding fame and having lots of money-making opportunities.

If you spend four years in college studying, and at the same time, blogging, you would soon build a name in the blogging community. Popular and aged blogs are just some of the factors to help you earn more online income. Advertisers love blogs with several readers and views. It only means that your blog has so many visitors who could be potential clients for your advertisers.

Students, are you ready to blog and build a name in the World Wide Web?

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