Cats Licking: Caught in the Act!

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Ho ho ho! I just want to congratulate myself for capturing wonderful shots of my pet cats. I'm not a professional photographer, so I'm very happy with my current skills. If you could call mine skills.

I have seen several cat photos in the web which are truly awesome. It inspired me to have it a go myself. I started spying my pet cats, hoping to capture some of their great poses.

And here are the results of my endeavor. Cats licking at their best!

Mikmik licking Shini clean
Potpot saying, "Thanks for the meal!"
Potpot licking her paw
Krungkrung licking his paw

And here's an extra pic. Though Shinji is not a cat, I'd like to include his licking photo. I'm not a dog lover, but I love our pet dog, Shinji.

Tip for capturing cat licking photos

Ready your camera as soon as they finished their meal! Your pet cats would start licking, cleaning themselves!

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