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It seems like almost everyone is wanting to blog. And choosing the best better blogging platform is one of the hurdles they need to face.

If you would ask me, I did not dwell thinking too much about that. I was determined to use Blogger as my blogging platform because of the following reasons:

No "Problem loading page" encounters

I was immediately turned-off to other blogging platforms, especially Wordpress, because whenever I visit a Wordpress-powered blog, I frequently say hi to "Problem loading page."

But whenever I visit a Blogger-powered blog, I hardly encounter this problem at all. So, I chose Blogger because of its speed.


I feel like I'm blogging for this big-time company whenever I use Blogger. Well, just a feeling though.

Aside from that, it made me think that since Blogger is owned by "the" Google Company, my free hosted blog won't just be disappearing easily because of bankruptcy.

Simple-looking templates

I like simple-looking blogs. They're cooler and cleaner to the eyes. Blogger really knows what simplicity means with their basic blog templates.

Anyways, if you like artsy templates for your Blogger blog, there are several available templates from the web. Just waiting to be downloaded and installed.

These are my main reasons why I chose Blogger without digging too much on the technical side. 

But as I made my research on the web, Blogger offers much more than that. And here they are:

  • with a user-friendly interface
  • with a wide range of widgets useful for the growth of your blog
  • tough security
  • provides greater opportunities of earning
  • can take unlimited traffic
  • search engine preferred
An old cat (credits)
I came across an article entitled, "How to Care for Your Senior Cat." And this made me wonder how long do cats usually live.

I have only one lovable cat that stayed and chose to rest in peace in our humble home. Her name is Tabby.

I got her name from a children's book given by my mother when I was a kid. It's called "Great-Great Uncle Henry's Cats." I still have the book.

Tabby reached the age of 10 years, according to my mother. I had seen her dying. But I couldn't do anything for her. She's already weak and old.

Life expectancy in cats

Life expectancy in cats differ. Indoor cats usually live longer than outdoor cats. 

Indoor cats could live for as long as 13 to 17 years. It is also reported that indoor cats could also reach the age of 20 or 21. On the other hand, outdoor cats could only live for about 3 to 5 years.  See the difference?

But of course, the life longevity of our pet cats also depends on the level of care we give them. Outdoor cats tend to have a shorter life because of the possible dangers they could meet outside their homes.

My Tabby was lucky enough to live for as long as 10 years. She's an outdoor cat. Well, all of my pet cats are outdoors since my parents do not allow them to stay/sleep inside our house.

The oldest cat

Creme Puff was the oldest cat that ever lived. It is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records that Creme Puff lived for as long as 38 years in Austin, Texas with her wonderful owner family.

Good reads:

How to Care for Your Senior Cat
What's the Normal Indoor Cat Lifespan
Cat Lifespan - the life expectancy of cats

I like to discover a few good reads every now and then because I don’t always have the precious time to watch anime. An anime episode could last until 25 minutes, but reading a manga’s chapter would only take 5 minutes.

Today, I would like to share with everyone the completed action manga that I have finished reading. And I think that they deserve to have an anime adaptation.

This is authored by Mori Kouji. An action manga which is everything about street martial arts. Holyland encompasses the typical story of a weakling getting strong. This “typical” plot line never stops to amaze me because I like to see the progress of a weakling character.

The main hero of the story is Kamishiro Yuu, a high school kid. He seems to be the guy that everyone could bully. However, he has a very special talent. He could execute or copy boxing moves that he had only read in a book. Until he had delved into the life of the streets, where everybody competes as king. This weakling now becomes the famed, "Thug Hunter."

Anyways, Holyland has already been adapted to Japanese and Korean drama series. BTW, I prefer watching Holyland's Japanese version coz I love Japan and it's much closer to the story of the manga. Though Holyland's Korean version has that "oomph" and "sexiness" in it, for me, Japan's is more realistic.

Bloody Monday is authored by Ryuumon Ryou, and it has 3 seasons. I like season one the best. This is the manga which is responsible for making me dream of being a hacker. But I guess that dream is still too farfetched.

Yes, my dear readers. Bloody Monday is all about hacking and terrorists. Wouldn’t you believe that a genius high school kid named Takagi Fujimaru saved the whole world from Russian terrorists with his hacking skills? When I discovered this manga, I couldn’t wait to turn pages.

There is also a Japanese live-action for this one.

Authored by Sakaguchi Iku, Change 123 is an action-ecchi manga. Don’t worry; the amount of nudity isn’t something serious. You’d be engrossed with the story of a nerdy-nerdy young girl named Motoko Gettou who has developed three personalities. Motoko developed multiple personalities because she was trained by her three adoptive fathers who each have their own martial arts expertise.

Just wait and see Motoko transform into her different personalities. You’ll be awed with the way they fight. And lastly, I really adore fighting beauties.

This manga is authored by Tabata Yoshiaki. Let me warn you. This manga has violent graphics, and of course, nudity. The story of the manga revolves around the forbidden love of a beautiful teacher named Aoshika, and her student, Akira.

So, where’s the action? Akira is a student who transforms into a wolf. Yeah, like Jacob of Twilight. One of Akira's classmates is a leader of a prominent gang, and he wants to beat Akira through foul means. This wannabe “strongest man of all” abducted Akira’s love interest, Ms. Aoshika, and has set several traps to kill him. 

This manga is just too intense. There is action, blood, rape and violence. And the story of it lures me in.

Kurogane of Ikezawa Haruto is about a very smart student named Kurogane Hiroto. He’s top in academics, but he doesn’t excel in sports. Another “from a weakling to a hero” story. He has a remarkable talent though. He has a phenomenal eyesight that could see every tiniest bit of detail.

A ghost named Tojo Sayuri appeared to him one night. Sayuri attacked Kurogane using kendo. But Kurogane evaded the attack with the help of his eyesight. Sayuri then trains Kurogane to become her successor of the kendo style called Sakura sword style.

I’m sure that these manga would be great having anime series. You would definitely feel the action. Do you have anything in mind that deserve to have an anime adaptation, too?

Photo credits: From the internet famous, grumpy cat

I'm regretting the days when I missed the opportunity of creating my blog when I was still younger. I'm already 24 and I only discovered the wonderful world of blogging when I was 22. My passion for writing is already inscribed in my genes. I am writing since I was 7 years old.

I'm not an internet savvy person when I was a student. I only get acquainted with the web if I need to copy-paste researches for my school project. I didn't know that the web could help me open portals of better opportunities...that the web could help me lead to blogging. If you are a student, I hope these reasons would help you open your eyes why you should blog. 

Improved English skills

If you are not used to speaking/writing English, especially if it's not your mother tongue, blogging could serve as an avenue to improve your English skills.

At first, you may not be used to on how people tell you how bad your English is. Do not be disheartened. Keep on writing. As you pursue your blogging career, you would soon learn proper grammar usage and such.

My mother keeps on pounding to my brain that learning English is a must since it is often the medium for communication when hunting jobs and improving one's career. (BTW, I am Filipino).

Creating a network of online buds

As soon as you step out in the world of academia, you may have to use the power of the web to expand your goals. If you're a career-minded person, blogging could help you meet different kinds of people from all over the world.

If you have lots of connections in the online world, you could ask them for big or small favors. What friends are for, right? However, you need to possess the skills of a man courting a lady. Creating a network of real online buds is also hard work...which is why, you better start as early as you can while you are still a student.

Fame and greater money-making opportunities

I would tell you this flat out. If you build a blog while you are a student, there's more in store for you in the near future. And that is, upholding fame and having lots of money-making opportunities.

If you spend four years in college studying, and at the same time, blogging, you would soon build a name in the blogging community. Popular and aged blogs are just some of the factors to help you earn more online income. Advertisers love blogs with several readers and views. It only means that your blog has so many visitors who could be potential clients for your advertisers.

Students, are you ready to blog and build a name in the World Wide Web?
Ho ho ho! I just want to congratulate myself for capturing wonderful shots of my pet cats. I'm not a professional photographer, so I'm very happy with my current skills. If you could call mine skills.

I have seen several cat photos in the web which are truly awesome. It inspired me to have it a go myself. I started spying my pet cats, hoping to capture some of their great poses.

And here are the results of my endeavor. Cats licking at their best!

Mikmik licking Shini clean
Potpot saying, "Thanks for the meal!"
Potpot licking her paw
Krungkrung licking his paw

And here's an extra pic. Though Shinji is not a cat, I'd like to include his licking photo. I'm not a dog lover, but I love our pet dog, Shinji.

Tip for capturing cat licking photos

Ready your camera as soon as they finished their meal! Your pet cats would start licking, cleaning themselves!