Beelzebub 230 - A Mother Always Worries

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Halcyon days

You know, I have sleepless nights (but only a little) wondering if Beel's mother is an enemy or not. I couldn't think of her as a traitorous leech to her own child because of her pretty and gentle face. And I was right! Babu 230 revealed the real reason why Beel's mother is currently on the side of Oga Tatsumi's enemy, the Solomon Company.

Guess what? Beel's mother is on the side of the "enemy" because she had a lover's quarrel with her dear husband, the Demon Overlord.

Punching the Demon Overlord

Since she views her husband as a good-for-nothing bum, she worried that Beel might grow a fool like his father. Remember all the fights that Oga had? From Touhoushinki to the Six Omens of Slaughter, Beel's mother planned it all with the help of Johan. Johan is the long-haired guy in a suit and he's somewhat the secretary of Beel's mother.


All of those fights are planned in order to make Beel the greatest Demon Overlord. But in the end, we have found out that Johan is the real traitor.

Johan betrays Beel's mother

I can't wait for Oga to beat the crap out of Johan. It's time for the finale!

It's time for the finale.

*Note: The images are from Tamura Ryuuhei's Beelzebub manga. Everyone is encouraged to support his work.

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