Can't Find a Job? Get a Job Online.

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How many unsuccessful applications do you already have? Do you count it? I suggest you'd better not. You will only land into a state of depression. Until now, you're jobless; and you feel worthless. A man's worth can be tracked down through his achievements and job satisfaction, or his contributions to the society. But you're only contributing a burden to your family.

To put an end to your job hunting nightmare and to put an end to your suicidal attempts, it's time for you to follow a different track. If you can't nail down a job in the real world, prepare yourself to hunt a job in the virtual world - the online world.

Even if you don't have earned a degree, the online world would still accept you as long as you prove that you excel in your craft. But of course, having a degree is definitely a plus!

Suggested Work at Home Jobs

1. Freelance Writer - Even if you're not a Journalism graduate, as long as you write well, you can be a freelance writer. To get clients, you can have a quick start in several freelancing job sites like oDesk, Freelancer and eLance. However, it's hard to find high paying clients in these sites.

2. Blogger - If you don't like following client instructions, or if you don't want to write anything that doesn't interest you, you could start up your own blog and be a blogger. Write anything you want. And when your blog gets popular, advertisers may come looking for you. However, it may take months or a year for your blog to be earning big.

3. SEO Specialist - SEO means search engine optimization. An SEO specialist is someone who improves the ranking of a website through applying different web marketing strategies. To put it simply, an SEO specialist is an internet marketing consultant.

4. Virtual Assistant - Being a virtual assistant covers many things. But based on my observation, most employers are looking for virtual assistants who could help them manage their websites. Your employer might ask you to do some social media sharing, write and post content in his website, create letters and other similar stuff. It's like that the tasks of a writer and SEO specialist combined.

5. Web Developer - This is another homebased job which is high in demand. Most web developers are skilled in their craft but usually end up failing in passing the final interview because they are not great speakers. One of my friends who is a web developer had said that passing the final interview is tougher than the actual coding. But if you apply as a homebased web developer, most employers only need to take a look in your portfolio. So, even if you're not a great speaker, you could land a job.

6. Call Center Representative - Yep, you read that right. You could be a call center representative as long as you have a reliable internet connection, a great voice and natural marketing skills.

7. Online English Tutor - These days, there are several Chinese and Korean people who are looking for great English tutors. If you are an expert in writing and speaking the English language, you could search for tutorial jobs.

If you have any other online jobs in mind, feel free to share through posting in the comment box. I'd love to hear from you.

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