Feitan: Feel the Heat

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Have you watched Hunter X Hunter 97? The cool Chinese guy of Genei Ryodan was the star of this episode, highlighting his fight with Zazan, the Chimaera ant.

Feitan pain packer mode
Feitan's Pain Packer Mode
I didn't expect Feitan to use his Pain Packer as a finishing blow against the Sexy Stinger Queen, Zazan. It only means that Zazan was awfully strong to trigger Feitan to use his uhh... super move.

Zazan chimaera
Sexy Stinger Zazan
I know... I know... Feitan has an excuse to use Pain Packer since he's not yet fully recovered. (May I ask why Feitan is "not yet fully recovered?" I think I forgot)?

Zazan true form
The hideous form of Zazan
Maybe, I only expected too much of the Genei Ryodan. I thought that they are the strongest antagonists out there in Hunter X Hunter. And that they don't have the need to use their ultra mega super finishing moves against the not-too-big-time Chimaera Ants.

Nevertheless, Feitan was cool. Wouldn't you agree?

Feitan battles Zazan
Battle mode on!
Feitan pissed
You piece of trash!
Feitan defeats Zazan
Zazan burned to death
*The snapshots are from the 97th episode of Hunter X Hunter.

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