Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods or Rather, DBZ: The Epic Battle Fail of Son Goku

DBZ: Battle of Gods movie official poster
DBZ Movie Official Poster
I was very eager to watch Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods because I, too, am a DBZ fan. It is the very first anime that I finished watching on our local television. During my elementary days, I always rushed going home just to watch Dragon Ball Z because I didn't want to miss any episodes of my favorite anime series.

Now, I have become a lady, and yet I'm still a kid at heart. When I heard the news that there was a new movie of DBZ, I patiently waited for those torrent copies circulating in the internet. DBZ Battle of Gods was first aired in Japanese theaters on March 30, 2013. The torrent copies only began circulating this month of September. As soon as I spotted one at AnimeTake, I began downloading my copy.

I will now share my thoughts about the movie, and I will gladly spoil you if you still haven't watched it.

DBZ Battle of Gods Summary

This DBZ movie is about the battle between Son Goku and the sphynx-like creature called Bills. Bills, despite his funny looks, is a God. He is the God of Destruction and considered as one of the strongest in the universe.

After sleeping for several years, Bills awakened. Since he is the God of Destruction, he may destroy stars, planets or life as he pleases. Then he had a dream. He dreamed that he would be fighting a Super Saiyan God. His thirst for battle leads him to search for the remaining Saiyans with the help of his baby sitter, Whis.

In hopes of finding the Super Saiyan God, Bills found Son Goku in Northern Kai's little star. Being a war idiot himself, Son Goku challenged the God of Destruction. But then...


Son Goku's Super Saiyan 3 was defeated with Lord Bill's finger flick!

Yes, you read that right. The strongest form of Son Goku was defeated with just a flick of the finger. Son Goku didn't even scratch Lord Bill one bit. I was saddened because I was hoping that Son Goku would be on par with the God of Destruction (because that's how the usual DBZ is). But in this movie, Son Goku was an underdog. Nevertheless, I hoped that Son Goku would have a comeback since the show is only starting.

Super Saiyan 3 defeated
Bill-sama's finger flick

Lord Bill flew to the Earth

Lord Bill then flew together with Whis to see the remaining four Saiyans in Earth who are Vegeta, Gohan, Goten and Trunks. All of the DBZ gang are gathered together because it is Bulma's 38th birthday party. Vegeta was warned by the Northern Kai that the God of Destruction would be flying towards their location, and that the safety of the Earth lies in his hands.

Vegeta was alarmed because he knew this special guest. Lord Bills was the one who destroyed Planet Vegeta. Vegeta knew how terrifying this God of Destruction is, so he kept an eye to Lord Bills so that nothing could annoy this God which could possibly trigger the destruction of Earth.


Vegeta threw away his pride

To keep the Earth in one piece, he sang and danced for the God of Destruction in order to calm his nerves. Lord Bills was irritated because he was shot by a stray bullet from Gohan's and the kids' little show.

My jaw dropped as soon as Vegeta performed a silly singing and dancing performance. The very proud Saiyan was degraded into something ass-holic. Despite of his actions deviating from his original character, Vegeta gained my respect. He threw away his pride just to save the Earth.


Lord Bills would destroy Earth because Majin Buu didn't share his pudding

After all Vegeta's efforts, Lord Bills was enraged because Majin Buu didn't share his pudding. Lord Bills wanted to eat a pudding so bad yet Majin Buu ate all of the pudding. As silly as it may seem, a God could be angered because he had not eaten a pudding.

Lord Bills caused a ruckus in Bulma's birthday party. Bulma was annoyed and she slapped Lord Bills on his face. However, this rude purple God hit Bulma back. Vegeta saw this and he was violently angered. And then he shouted...


You.. You.. hit my Bulma!

I didn't know that Vegeta could be sweet at times. When Bulma was hit by Lord Bills, he turned into a Super Saiyan and battled Lord Bills. In fairness, he fought well against Lord Bills. In this particular scene, Vegeta had exceeded Son Goku. Vegeta kept on par with Lord Bills even if he was only in his weakest Super Saiyan form. Unlike Son Goku, he shamelessly lost in his Super Saiyan 3 with Lord Bill's finger flick. Vegeta versus Lord Bills is my favorite part. Nevertheless, Vegeta still lost.

Vegeta gets emotional
You...You...hit my Bulma!
Son Goku became the Super Saiyan God

When everything seemed to be hopeless, Son Goku appeared out of nowhere. Of course, everyone was happy because their hero finally arrived. They didn't know that Son Goku had a beating to Lord Bills earlier.

Son Goku became the Super Saiyan God when all other five Saiyans (Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and the pregnant Videl) channeled all their energy to Son Goku. Son Goku then transformed into a red-haired Super Saiyan God.
The weak Super Saiyan God
The Super Saiyan God
Despite being a Super Saiyan God, Son Goku could not still beat Lord Bills. In this scene, it seemed that Son Goku couldn't accept the fact that he was not the strongest - that there is still someone stronger than him. I think Goku's and Vegeta's characters swapped.

But in the end, Lord Bills did not destroy the Earth. He kinda became friends with Son Goku because he's a promising warrior.


My Overall Rating

6/10 - Thanks for the good laughs. I salute you Vegeta! And to Son Goku, better luck next time.

*Snapshots are from the movie, Dragonball Z Movie 14: Kami to Kami.


  1. I wanted more fights, something that would decide who's stronger. Bill or Goku. I know Goku used 80% and Bill 70% so bill is stronger but wanted to see the end of the fight.

    1. I also wanted to see more fights, something that would let uhh Goku shine/dominate again in the battlefield. But the movie turned out to be a laughable one. I was a bit surprised when Whis said that Bill had used 70% of his power, when I didn't see any of Bill's aura. When he's fighting, it only seemed like it's nothing to him. There's no aura thingy effects. LOL. I couldn't believe that Bill had already used 70%.


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