Have you watched Hunter X Hunter 97? The cool Chinese guy of Genei Ryodan was the star of this episode, highlighting his fight with Zazan, the Chimaera ant.

Feitan pain packer mode
Feitan's Pain Packer Mode
I didn't expect Feitan to use his Pain Packer as a finishing blow against the Sexy Stinger Queen, Zazan. It only means that Zazan was awfully strong to trigger Feitan to use his uhh... super move.

Zazan chimaera
Sexy Stinger Zazan
DBZ: Battle of Gods movie official poster
DBZ Movie Official Poster
I was very eager to watch Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods because I, too, am a DBZ fan. It is the very first anime that I finished watching on our local television. During my elementary days, I always rushed going home just to watch Dragon Ball Z because I didn't want to miss any episodes of my favorite anime series.

Now, I have become a lady, and yet I'm still a kid at heart. When I heard the news that there was a new movie of DBZ, I patiently waited for those torrent copies circulating in the internet. DBZ Battle of Gods was first aired in Japanese theaters on March 30, 2013. The torrent copies only began circulating this month of September. As soon as I spotted one at AnimeTake, I began downloading my copy.

I will now share my thoughts about the movie, and I will gladly spoil you if you still haven't watched it.