Are You Blogging for Fun? Or Are You Blogging to Earn?


When the World Wide Web was not yet a favorite of everyone, there were people who still engaged themselves to blogging – with the only purpose of sharing their thoughts online. Blogging for them is just like a hobby. The only benefit they would get from it is that they could vent out their feelings. No more. No less.

However, since the evolution of the World Wide Web, they don’t only have the opportunity to share their thoughts, but now, they could also earn from it. Yes, I think internet savvy people already know about this – that they could earn money from blogging. And because of that, there are many people who have tried to enter the world of blogging – good writers, so-so writers or not.

Is it bad to blog when you're driven by the money?

I guess not. I blog because I want to earn. If I could earn from blogging, I also believe that blogging would be even more fun. You would always have the inspiration to write and blog more because someday, you would be rewarded. If you don't enjoy writing that much, you would soon find yourself engrossed with it because of the promises of earning with your blog.

How about you? Are you blogging just for fun? Or are you blogging to earn? If you are only blogging for fun, I think that it is high time for you to invest in your hobby. Why don’t you reward yourself the privilege to earn from it? Still, let me remind you that you won't be an instant millionaire when you go blogging. Blogging to earn is just like any business. You have to exert a great deal of effort for your blog to be known.


  1. I do think some blogs are just in it for money and it can be off putting a good balance is what's needed.
    At the moment I'm a newbie, so I blog for fun and I'll just wait and see what happens in the future.

    1. Yes, some blogs are overly stuffed with ads. Those kinds of blogs really give away what their true purpose is in blogging.

      - MonMonKun

    2. I totally agree and those kind I completely avoid! =0)


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