AP Is Shutting Down

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*Update (March 8, 2015) - AP is officially dead even among pro users. I just visited the site.

AnimePaper shuts down

I was shocked when I saw the above message from AP (Anime Paper). One of my favorite resources of anime wallpapers will be shutting down for "normal users" like me. Well, I don't have a pro account so I could not access AP anymore. It's really sad to read such news (which led me to blog about it).

A developed love and hatred

Over the years, I both liked and hated AP. I liked it because I could download high quality anime wallpapers there. Unlike other similar sites, AP's gallery was not a gallery full of trash. When it comes to anime wallpaper submissions, AP has a set of very high standards.

On the other hand, I hated AP because it rejected my first ever made anime wallpaper. Haha! But I admit, my photoshop skills during that time still suck. However, that incident made me to hone my photoshop skills more (oh well, maybe a little).

I had a goal of getting an approved anime wallpaper in AP because having an approved anime wallpaper there would only mean that you're a great artist, too, like the others. But I guess, I can't do that anymore. So long AP!

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