My Pet Cat Has Just Given Birth

Ever since my pet cat named "Potpot" got pregnant, I've been eager to see her give birth. Why? Because Potpot is a pure white cat, and I'm expecting her little offspring to be white as well. I always have a liking to white cats because usually, they have two different colored eyes. Cats with two different colored eyes are often blue and green; and they are called odd-eyed cats. Potpot is an odd-eyed cat as well.

And just now, she gave birth to four little cute kitties. Guess what? She blessed us with three white kittens and a very special lone black spotted kitten. Here are her pictures together with her four kittens inside a box. I couldn't find any other better shelter for her and her kittens. Since cats are crazy about boxes, I gave her instead a "high level type of box," an HP Deskjet Printer box.

Potpot and her cute little kitties
Kitty close-up!
Potpot asleep
The hp deskjet super box
In their crowded little home
The young Potpot
I can't believe that Potpot is already a mommy cat. I'm proud of her because she takes care of her kittens so well; unlike other mommy cats that only consider their kittens as dumps or shits that came out from their pussy. I'll be facing naming problems again for my new batch of pet kittens. Care to help me in naming them? Thanks!


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