Ever since my pet cat named "Potpot" got pregnant, I've been eager to see her give birth. Why? Because Potpot is a pure white cat, and I'm expecting her little offspring to be white as well. I always have a liking to white cats because usually, they have two different colored eyes. Cats with two different colored eyes are often blue and green; and they are called odd-eyed cats. Potpot is an odd-eyed cat as well.

And just now, she gave birth to four little cute kitties. Guess what? She blessed us with three white kittens and a very special lone black spotted kitten. Here are her pictures together with her four kittens inside a box. I couldn't find any other better shelter for her and her kittens. Since cats are crazy about boxes, I gave her instead a "high level type of box," an HP Deskjet Printer box.

Potpot and her cute little kitties