When the Unknown Collides


When I was applying for web content writing jobs, this was one of my sample articles I sent to employers.  Back then, I didn't have a clue about web content writing. I thought it was just a piece of feature or editorial article only "printed" on the web since I had done campus journalism before. And they didn't usually specify what kind of sample article they were looking for.

I know I can write, and I also know that I am not the best writer. It's just that, no one took their time to reply in my application with the following sample article. I think it's not that bad, only too dark-themed. And I came up with a conclusion - this piece is not appropriate for a sample article. LOL. Or maybe, they just don't like it. Anyways, here it is.

When the Unknown Collides

Sinks deep into the bones
Overpowering one’s sanity
Not good, definitely not good
Broken shards of glass
Blood, the proof of a living man
The craft of the devil
Or maybe, the devil is in cahoots
With the least unexpected accomplice, God
Fear, terror strikes
A dead end, no loopholes, no hope
Am I dying?
Shouts, cries, mourning
Pleads, endless begging
No one answers
The hero, the savior is deaf
Forget it
You’re on your own
You’re starting to succumb
Into your weakness, into your dread
Strength has betrayed me
Curses! What have I done?!
To undergo this hellish punishment
Blame others
Yes, that’s right
Panic, my sanity’s gone
Well, we can’t tell
What will happen
The actions we’re gonna do
When tragedy strikes
And its looming aftermath.


  1. Mon, if you're applying for web content writing, make sure to read the job description and everything else the advertiser includes in the job posting. Samples you send should follow his/her specifications. Otherwise, they won't bother to reply. Worse, they'd even think you're joking. :D

    Nice poem, however. Very creative!

    1. Thanks Ms. Maricel. I always follow the employer's specifications back then. However, when they didn't specify it, I sent this poem instead as a sample. Well, that was a year ago when I was still a neophyte in this field. Whenever I apply for new writing jobs even without specifications, I now send a more formal writing sample.


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