What Do Freelance Writers Do When They Get Bored?

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That’s what I want to ask among fellow freelance writers. What do you do when you get bored? Sure, we have the luxury to work in our homes at our own pace. No early baths. No traffic. No dress code. Though we may earn the same salary as what office-based workers get, we, freelance writers, cannot escape boredom. 

Boredom always strikes me. It is said that you’ll never get bored if you love your work. I love my freelance writing work, but who won’t get bored if you don’t see other people’s faces? There’s no one to talk to in our house. My parents have their own businesses in life, and only go home after their usual eight-hour daytime job. My brother and sister are working in far, far away places. And we don’t have neighbors. Our house is deeply located in the forest - like the fairytale setting of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

So what do I do when I get bored?

I play music. Well, I make sure I don’t play love songs or any mellow songs that make me fall asleep. I usually play punk rock music. Yes, I love punk rock. I usually have All Time Low, New Found Glory, and etc. on my playlist. But instead of writing, I tend to sing along with the music.

I read manga. If I don’t feel like writing, I always check whether there are updates of my favorite manga like Beelzebub, Fairy Tail, and etc. I like reading manga more than thick English novels. This may seem like a childish hobby, but anime and manga are already part of my blood stream.

I roll on my bed several times. I always love having a little chat with my bed and pillow. When I get tired writing nothing, I lay down on my bed, and roll like a log. After a few minutes of log-rolling, I will fall asleep. The results? No work done. 

I go outside our house and pull out leaves. I’m not destroying Mother Nature. Err, I’m just trimming them. You see, we have a lot of trees and plants in our place. And our house somewhat emits a gloomy atmosphere. It’s always a little dim inside our house because of the large, looming trees. 

I play with my pet cats. And I end up talking with them. My pet cats are my office mates. I let them enter my room, and lie on my bed. I’ll pet them, pinch their nose, and then we sleep altogether again. I’m very much attracted with their carefree and playful nature.

Though doing these activities let me escape from boredom, I don’t have any productive work done. And when the deadline for the articles is near, I usually cram. 


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